Week 1

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I can't believe that I was sick (like food poisoning) for our first day of class, but I was. I'd like to try to recap little things that we do in class each day so that I have a record of when to cover what and how.

Week 1, Day 1: Introductions - names (discuss why it's important to know people's names in a leadership class rather than biology class?); conversation about the way the class is organized; experiential; syllabus, Moodle, eReserve, have them take name tents home to make a name tent for the next day with alliterative alias (Kick-ass Katie), leadership symbol (rolodex), one word about something that you value, and strengths on the back, in themes if possible.

Week 1, Day 2: Who are we missing and who's new; (talk more about why we do that,) introduce alliterative aliases and play the name game all around the room; address syllabus questions: what's expected for reading notes & reflection notes, overview of schedule; discussion about attendance policy; pop quiz: when are reading notes due?

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