Final Icons

Journal Day 8

Epic. Musical soundtracks or movie scores, epic music gets the blood pumping. It tends to be loud also. I will try to either work with the volume (forte/ F) or the large scale.

Journal day 7

Today the sounds that struck me most were beats. In every song there are growing beat or bass lines that resonate. In my head the picture is of water ripples as they grow.

Journal day 6

In the morning I was rocking out so some choir music (oxymoron?) to get in the mood for my concert. This particular song is the story of a boy and a girl. At the end of their lives, they lay in their graves "giving silence, for silence". I have both seen and preformed this song. The silence that breaks the words in the song is almost as tangible and powerful as the words. It will be a challenge but it will be fun.

Journal day 5

While listening to and practicing music for my concert, I paused during one of the songs and looked at the structure of the piece. At that time the altos had the melody in the song and the other parts seemed to float above or below it. I will try to make something that reflects this.

Journal day 4

It seems that every spring I start listening to music that is very summery. The guitars and melodies just seem to co-incide with the excited feeling of summer. Summer is warm, fun, and exciting so I will try to capture those feelings.

Journal day 3

Today I have been listening to a lot of acoustic music. With the songs I listen to, there is a very earthy and natural sound to it. It is also a very relaxed and flowing sound as well.

Journal day 2

The music that has struck me first today came in my morning class. We were discussing the Beatles. A interview with McCartney explained the Beatles music as always being fun loving and joyous. Icon #2 = fun/playful

journal day 1

The icons that I have chosen to make will reflect the music I listen to day to day. The first thing that has come to my mind is choir. In class today our guest director told the basses to be less academic and sing more free. Ill try to create a free flowing and open icon.

Chap. 4 Elements of Layout

This chapter broke down and examined different elements of layout and took a closer look at them. Much of this reading was a refresher on elements we already know. There were parts though that did present new information. A couple of these are juxtaposition and indentation. For juxtaposition, it presented a simpler way of thinking of the connection between pieces and showed it can be used with multiple images. The section on indentation presented a sample of different styles that can or have been used which may come in handy for later projects.