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Feature Ad

The ad that I found is a feature advertisement for visiting North Carolina. The image for this is a large old tree with many branches. Laying among the branches is a young child. The text reads " There was a time when all playground equipment came pre-assembled." Being that the ad is for North Carolina, the text plays off the age of the state. It goes to say that once there were simpler days and that they are still around in North Carolina. Another part that helps this is the type face. It is a classic font resembling Baskerville. With the classic type face, the message is re-enforced by the feeling of an old style letter.

Design Brief 2

In the world today there needs to be much more communication. With more communication in the world, I feel as if everyone would be more enlightened to what is going on around them. This is shown by a simple microphone acting as a candle. The abstract designs around it serve as the simple glow of a flame. In essence, one can enlighten the world by communicating through this microphone.

Design Brief 1

With this image I wanted to convey that more listening should be done throughout the world. This is demonstrated by the headphones leading to the words "Just Listen".
To further the message, there are certain words leaking out of the headphones as happens with loud music. These words are Unity, Mutual Understanding, Dialogue, and Peace. With these words coming out of the headphones it is clear what is being listened to.

Final 2

Final 1

Poster Influences


The first poster is from an American designer on Iran and US relations. While the poster was made in recent times, it draws on some styling habits of designers past. One of these is the use of a grid, in this case an off-set grid, that was very popular in the 60's. This is demonstrated with the second poster for Porsche racing with its off-set grid. Another reference back to previous artist is that of the simple color palate. While keeping the piece rather flat, it helps in making the message more simple and easily read. This selection of color palate also refers back to the 1960's as shown in these poster designs for a german sailing event. This goes to show that we all tend to incorporate design elements that we have been exposed to through out our lives.


Of the three comparison readings, the first one about parody was the strongest in my opinion. It showed exactly where the different elements were taken from. It also seemed the most effective because the references were all well know and easily recognizable. While there are some works that do have more subtle references, I think that the reference itself works better when it is more readily accessible by the viewer.

RD 4

RD 3

RD 2

RD 1

International Design

This is a Finnish design firm that handles multiple media formats. To me it seems as if their designs are more clear and to the point than most American designs. Our works tend to be over cluttered or have too much information in them. The works shown by this firm are all simple and clean with nothing too much extra going on to distract the viewer. This, in my opinion leads to strong work overall.

Finnish Firm HotSnow

Iranian GD

It would seem to me that the gist of what was being said of the Iranian Graphic Designers is that they have lacked a definition of graphic design. From what the author said about communication and form, the Iranian style is more of a free form of art instead of graphic design as we see it in the western world. It also seems like the style "Iranian GD" was defined by western culture as an audience-free style that doesn't have a clear message, instead of the actual country's style.


Ski designer's explanation of where his inspiration comes from

Interview of Designer

Picture 1.png

Bad Ads

Don't do this! The one about dreaming is the best

Making fun of avitar

Chap. 3

In chapter three there were many examples of how working for less or with looser guidelines can be liberating. In the end though, I believe the most important message from the reading is about how we choose to work. If you are working on something you love or care about, even for a job, it does not seem as if you are working at all. It goes back to the old saying "If you have a job you love, you will never work a day of your life."

More Music Ideas

Some of these show ways to use symbols of music.


Research/ Ideas

Music symbols as globe? Music = universal language. Can speak to anyone anywhere


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