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Journal day 2

The music that has struck me first today came in my morning class. We were discussing the Beatles. A interview with McCartney explained the Beatles music as always being fun loving and joyous. Icon #2 = fun/playful

journal day 1

The icons that I have chosen to make will reflect the music I listen to day to day. The first thing that has come to my mind is choir. In class today our guest director told the basses to be less academic and sing more free. Ill try to create a free flowing and open icon.

Chap. 4 Elements of Layout

This chapter broke down and examined different elements of layout and took a closer look at them. Much of this reading was a refresher on elements we already know. There were parts though that did present new information. A couple of these are juxtaposition and indentation. For juxtaposition, it presented a simpler way of thinking of the connection between pieces and showed it can be used with multiple images. The section on indentation presented a sample of different styles that can or have been used which may come in handy for later projects.

Chap. 2 & 3 Layout

Looking at how we layout our designs is always an important step in the design process. While we all take into account what effects our layout will have, there seems to be little consideration as to why exactly we chose a layout. This reading goes into depths of styles of layouts and reasoning for layouts that I believe few think about during their process. After reading this however, I think that I will take into more consideration the purpose of the layout I chose.

In contrast to the first reading, it seems that we do consider these elements of the grid and spacing more. What this reading does well is explain why we chose what we do. It also implies a few applications or setting these different grids and ways of organization can be used. Between these two readings, it shows that we must be ever conscious of the choices we make in design and why we make them.

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