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Final Icons

Journal Day 8

Epic. Musical soundtracks or movie scores, epic music gets the blood pumping. It tends to be loud also. I will try to either work with the volume (forte/ F) or the large scale.

Journal day 7

Today the sounds that struck me most were beats. In every song there are growing beat or bass lines that resonate. In my head the picture is of water ripples as they grow.

Journal day 3

Today I have been listening to a lot of acoustic music. With the songs I listen to, there is a very earthy and natural sound to it. It is also a very relaxed and flowing sound as well.

Journal day 2

The music that has struck me first today came in my morning class. We were discussing the Beatles. A interview with McCartney explained the Beatles music as always being fun loving and joyous. Icon #2 = fun/playful

journal day 1

The icons that I have chosen to make will reflect the music I listen to day to day. The first thing that has come to my mind is choir. In class today our guest director told the basses to be less academic and sing more free. Ill try to create a free flowing and open icon.

Mood Board

Design Brief 2

In the world today there needs to be much more communication. With more communication in the world, I feel as if everyone would be more enlightened to what is going on around them. This is shown by a simple microphone acting as a candle. The abstract designs around it serve as the simple glow of a flame. In essence, one can enlighten the world by communicating through this microphone.

Design Brief 1

With this image I wanted to convey that more listening should be done throughout the world. This is demonstrated by the headphones leading to the words "Just Listen".
To further the message, there are certain words leaking out of the headphones as happens with loud music. These words are Unity, Mutual Understanding, Dialogue, and Peace. With these words coming out of the headphones it is clear what is being listened to.

Final 1

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