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Chap. 2 & 3 Layout

Looking at how we layout our designs is always an important step in the design process. While we all take into account what effects our layout will have, there seems to be little consideration as to why exactly we chose a layout. This reading goes into depths of styles of layouts and reasoning for layouts that I believe few think about during their process. After reading this however, I think that I will take into more consideration the purpose of the layout I chose.

In contrast to the first reading, it seems that we do consider these elements of the grid and spacing more. What this reading does well is explain why we chose what we do. It also implies a few applications or setting these different grids and ways of organization can be used. Between these two readings, it shows that we must be ever conscious of the choices we make in design and why we make them.

Iranian GD

It would seem to me that the gist of what was being said of the Iranian Graphic Designers is that they have lacked a definition of graphic design. From what the author said about communication and form, the Iranian style is more of a free form of art instead of graphic design as we see it in the western world. It also seems like the style "Iranian GD" was defined by western culture as an audience-free style that doesn't have a clear message, instead of the actual country's style.

Chap. 3

In chapter three there were many examples of how working for less or with looser guidelines can be liberating. In the end though, I believe the most important message from the reading is about how we choose to work. If you are working on something you love or care about, even for a job, it does not seem as if you are working at all. It goes back to the old saying "If you have a job you love, you will never work a day of your life."

Problem Solved

The most interesting part of this reading was seeing all the different ways designers use to grab attention. It also pointed out that just because the object may grab attention it doesn't necessarily get to the point of the product. One of the ways of grabbing attention that seems the most simple but useful is the alternative shapes of your media, such as posters. This is one idea that I hope to be able to use in future projects.

Color Theory

This reading was very informative. The beginning of the reading gave me a lot better look into the history of the science of color theory. It was very interesting to have that point of view to compare to after years of just looking at it from an artist's stand point. The color indexes toward the end were also interesting and helpful. Those may come in handy some day.

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