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Week Ten: Flying ID Monkees

Well, the Case Study assignment/presentation has come and gone. This one was interesting for me as it really had some different problems than most of the others that others have presented in class thusfar.

Davey Jones: What can I say about Davey? For one, if you rely on the case study, he doesn't seem to have any problems with the team he's working with. By that I mean there aren't any obvious political or communication problems with the group. Sure, they may not know exactly how to stick all of this mountain of previous company information into the respective buckets...and maybe this is the point. How do you do this exactly? The people on the team may have very different ideas and it's going to take some good management skills to make it all come together, especially in a company as large as the "Widget" company. I also don't have the foggiest idea how they would evaluate the EPSS they want to build. Perhaps there's something in the previous learning systems that would give them some guidence in this area.

We had a good time with the presentation and got some great discussions going in the groups: thanks class!

One thing that's coming to mind right now is the whole media selection part of my ongoing final project preparations. I get to a section of the module and start thinking of all sorts of media that could convey the material, but have gone back over things to the point where I have come to the conclusion that there are some things in an online learning module that can be over-produced with too much media. Some things may be more directly expressed by text with images and others do well with videos and interactive clips/Flash stuff. It's very tempting to overdo things and often a second/third look at the planning can give a bit of perspective. Not to mention all the case studies, readings, good/bad design topics, etc...but duh, that's the way it should work!