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"You're confusing flakiness with style!"

OK so I'm a day late with the goods...being out of town can do that for you. So without further ado, let's get into the stuff out today. The whole list with prices can be found here

Bad Girls: Extended Cut Wow, a great film with a fanatic following gets the special edition treatment! No wait, that was Bad Boys, no, I think it was...aw forget it!

The Bodyguard: Special Edition Warner gives the good treatment to another lousy film...but at least this one was popular; but WHY?!!!

The Broadway Melody of 1929 This was the second ever Best Picture Oscar winner and was quite the musical extravaganza in its day. It was also MGM's first big sound film. Nice to see Warner putting some resources into stuff like this.

Chariots of Fire: Special Edition Warner has been busy lately. This was available in a bare-bones, pan/scan disc. The new one is in widescreen with a new sound mix and a bunch of bonuses. It's about time.

Charmed: Season 1 Calling my sisters...

Cheers Season 4 A TV series people might actually want to buy.

Frasier Season 4 Ditto.

I Love Lucy Season 3 As above...the word is that Paramount has done a fantastic job with this series on DVD.

The Karate Kid Collection More Ralph Maccio than you could ever want...

Mr. 3000 Bernie's supposed to be pretty good in this, but the film is so-so...maybe worth a rent.

Mulan II (Electric Boogaloo?) Here's a good quote from IMDB: "This one scores a magnificent ten on the old crapo'meter."

Ray Probably worth seeing for Oscar-probable-winner Jamie Foxx's performance. This is available in a single disc and double disc special edition.

Taxi Season 2 This is a show I've been meaning to re-visit via rental...

Vanity Fair (2004) I might have to give this one a rent even though the reviews were mixed...Shades probably will want to see it.

Back later with some upcoming stuff...


Buffy kicks Charmed's ass!

The bodyguard was a good, cheezy, 80s romantic bs movie with two hot celebs in the lead roles. And for all those fans of endless modulation, Whitney really packs a punch! I loved it in a nauseous kind of way.