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"Better on T.V. than on the streets."

And now, faithful readers comes another obligatory "what's the Doc been up to lately?" post. At least with regard to the part of his life devoted to film/tv/DVD watching.


As I was putting together yesterday's post and grabbing the links for the DVD releases, I was struck by how many of them hadn't been released on DVD before. Heck, it looked as though some weren't even on VHS. Now I don't know for sure if a title was ever released on home video before, now that I think of it as I don't have a good resource available to verify it. I figure that if none of the Amazon stores in the various countries have it, it probably hasn't been out for a while or ever. In any case, it's very cool to have the lesser-known classics come out.

One of the things I've been doing off and on has been transferring a bunch of my Dad's old Beta tapes. This is all films he recorded off cable tv throughout the 1980s and early 90's. We recently went through them and pulled out the ones that had films not available on DVD. I've been transferring them onto my Mac and burning DVDs of them, giving priority to the ones that seem less likely to show up on disc. Recent titles include Bedlam (1946, with Boris Karloff) and Hangover Square (1945, with a great Bernard Herrmann score). I'll bet none of you have seen or perhaps even heard of these two films. Yes, the quality isn't great but it's watchable and for now, the only way to see them. There's always the chance the stuff I'm working on will get onto disc, but I'm sure it'll be a while.

Alas, our Netflix queue has been languishing of late. We've made little progress these days, partially due to being busy, but also watching more TV. Somehow, Shades and I have gotten into certain cooking shows. Which ones?


There's always good old Iron Chef (the Japanese version, natch), which we have watched off and on for some time, but you don't really watch Chef for its culinary enlightenment. Sure, you see some interesting stuff, but it's really consumed as entertainment for us. I've also watched some of the new Iron Chef America (not the old UPN version with Bill Shatner). It's pretty fun and the food is obviously easier to relate to, but the guy who plays the new Chairman is weak and they will never match the sheer cheesiness, oddity, and wonderful pomposity of the old show. The chefs are interesting to watch though and commentator, Alton Brown, who is the creator/host of another show we've gotten into, Good Eats is really good at explaining what's going on.. See this posting for more on that show.

Another show we've stumbled across is Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. For a good description of it, check out this Slate article. Of course we're still watching The West Wing (although we've let them pile up on the Tivo lately) and Gilmore Girls. I continue to stick with Star Trek Enterprise even though many I know have given up on it. This show still isn't up to the level of some previous Trek series, but I feel it has made some improvements both in writing (deperately needed) and the overall direction of the show. Some elements of the cast are still weak, IMO, but as a Trek fan, I find it worth watching. [update: I heard today that Enterprise has been given the axe by UPN. Too bad really, the show was improving and it was better than most of the dreck on TV right now--not saying much I know. Maybe next time they'll know better than to build a series on recycled plots and nude rubdowns!]

Stuff I'm intending to get to:

Oscar nominated stuff of course, several TV series (via Netflix) I haven't watched including 24, Alias, Firefly, Farscape plus finishing/catching up on The World At War, Buffy, and The Sopranos.


I agree the new Chairman isn't anywhere near as fun. I think they should pump his role up a bit IMHO.

Except that the new Chairman SUCKS! I'd rather see less of him than more of him...