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"Did Doogie Howser just steal my f*#@ing car? "

The end of a workday and a few extra minutes to blog about whatever comes to mind...

First off, the other night we watched Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle on DVD. We both liked it quite a bit, I perhaps a bit more than Stacie did. Perhaps I was just in the right frame of mind for this hybrid stoner-road flick (you could argue that they're one and the same), but I feel it was very well done with a string of jokes and odd situations that were consistantly funny for the most part. Granted, this film is not for everyone; I know several friends whom I'm quite certain wouldn't find it that amusing. But if you can deal with the language, bouts of crude humor, and the drug jokes, you just might enjoy it. The cast is really good, the screenplay pretty well-excecuted, and even if a few of the gags fall flat, the film moves along quickly enough to make you forget about them in short order. In a sense, this resembles a Kevin Smith film, but is, IMO better than most of his work to date. The film also has some interesting racial/social commentary and satire. I liked it enough that I might buy the DVD, which has some amusing bonuses, when it drops in price.

Before I sign off, have you ever stumbled upon random strangers' iTunes shared playlists? I've been writing this here on the U of MN campus where when I fired up iTunes on my laptop, it found more than a dozen other playlists. I always find it somewhat interesting to see what other people are listening to or watching so this is kinda fun. I don't know if they all knew anyone on the same network who had iTunes running would see and in most cases listen to (this feature can be turned on or off and is off by default) their playlists, but I certainly wouldn't have a problem with it. One of the lists I sampled had a lot of the same music that resides on my home music server. Since this was probably a student, it reinforces the slight illusion that I'm not as old and crusty (or crusty-but-benign ) as I think I am.