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"Scotch was invented by a little old lady from Leningrad."

Speaking of altered history, here's some interesting stuff for any Star Trek fans out there.


Paramount is pulling a George Lucas and "improving" Star Trek: The Original Series. Here's the short version:

The shows are being re-done with new CGI effects in HD and will initially be broadcast by CBS (shares corporate parent with Paramount, natch) starting 9/16. The shows will be done via syndication so it will air at different times depending on local stations. For a more complete scoop, click here. The series will not be broadcast in production order or original air date. Supposedly the order is being dictated by some kind of fan polling. The first episode will be "Balance of Terror."

So here's another way to re-package the show. No doubt it will be released on some form of HD disc down the road. I will check one out to see what it looks like, but I doubt it will ever replace the old show, which I grew up watching. The old 1960s models and matte paintings (don't forget plastic boulders!) have a certain look that still sticks in my mind. So as long as they keep the originals in circulation, what the heck.