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"Whoa! This isn't woodshop class?"

So what the heck is going on these days besides all those new DVDs I wrote about on Monday?

Well, let's see, Tivo introduced its long-awaited Series 3 DVR, which supports CableCard and HD (either over the air or via cable). Since I have had an older Tivo, this is pretty sweet, except for:

1) The price: $800 for the box alone. To use the thing, you have to subscribe to Tivo service (and that doesn't include the dough you pay out to the cable company). Since I've got a Tivo with a lifetime subscription, I can trade up to the new box for $200. So, I'm out a grand for this thing (and anyone without an existing lifetime sub will pay more).

2) Tivo To Go, which allows you to transfer shows off the box onto a PC (they don't like Macs, natch) over your home network, isn't supported on the Series 3. I like this feature since it allows me to archive programs. The main reason is that the studios don't want pure digital copies transferred easily onto PCs (the older Tivos are analog-based). Sure, it can probably be hacked, but if I'm shelling out $1,000, I ought to at least get all the functionality of the machine I've had a few years. This could change, but I'll be surprised.

3) This is the definition of an early adopter product if I've ever seen one. No doubt the prices will fall and the capabilites will rise. And there are those new product bugs.

So, as much as I love HD, I don't think I love it enough to make this kind of investment to watch TV in high def. I'd sooner invest in an HD-DVD or Blu Ray deck. However, one of the strong points of the new Tivo is its capability to record over-the-air HD, which is free. If I didn't care about cable channels, this thing would get me set for a long time with no monthly fees. Anyhow, I'm thinking the time isn't quite right for me to jump, as cool as this machine is.

Oh, and tomorrow night, the new season of Battlestar starts up. I'm very curious to see where things go at this point. I've really enjoyed it so far so don't screw it up guys!

We've also been watching Studio 60 and Gilmore Girls. The former is very good so far and the latter, just OK. I still like it, but think it's running out of gas.

And one more thing, I was reading this article in Wired about the guy who's taking over Bill Gates' job. It's all very fun/interesting, but this quote gave me pause, "Cell phones, BlackBerrys, and PDAs are now arguably the primary way we check email..."

I really don't do that. I know a few who have their Blackberries permanantly attached, but at this point I use my cell for a phone, don't have a Blackberry, and have a PDA with a cracked screen. You know what, I haven't missed the PDA. Maybe I'm just an old/crusty/benign guy who is SO stuck in the dark ages schlepping around a computer that he uses for email (among other things). Then again, maybe this article is full of it and I'm not so primitive. I just never really liked checking email/web surfing on the PDA (and my cell phone would be even worse). And I don't watch movies on my iPod. OK, I'll shut up now and go read Slashdot...


When are you going to start watching Lost???

Pushy-pushy! ;-)

Hmm, I don't know...I hope to get it from Netflix sometime this Fall, but there's soooo much stuff we want to get to! Argh!