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"Why on earth would anyone want to go camping? "

Happy July 4th everyone. Shall we see what patriotic DVDs are being released this week?

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Vol. 2

Batfink: The Complete Series (1966)

Driving Lessons (2006)

Eureka: Season One

George Lopez: America's Mexican

Just the Two of Us (1975) So check out the description of this one: "In this classic lesbian sexploitation flick, married neighbors Adria (Alisa Courtney) and Denise (Elizabeth Plumb) plunge into a secret affair. But when hot young actor Jim (John Aprea) turns Adria's fickle head, Denise becomes desperate to recapture her illicit love. Soon, however, devious British temptress Mona (Elizabeth Knowles) sets her sights on the lonely Denise -- and her intentions are definitely not honorable." Tee hee

Neverwas (2005)

Our Very Own (2005)

Puccini for Beginners (2006)

Raid on Entebbe (1977)