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"I told you to stop beatin' them drums!"

Before I get started, I wanted to say that the Star Trek review project hasn't been abandoned. We should be back with another installment verrrrry soon!

Another week, another round of new DVDs:

The Big Trail (1930)

Drawn Together: Season 3

The Fire Within (1963)

There are three Sinatra DVD sets being released this week, presumably to coincide with this being the 10th anniversary of his death. I've never quite gotten the whole "death anniversary" thing. It reeks of something made up by a marketing department. But good news for Sinatra fans as the sets contain some new-to-DVD titles and are aggressively priced.

Frank Sinatra - The Early Years Collection

The Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly Collection

Frank Sinatra - The Golden Years Collection

The Great Debaters (2007)

Indiana Jones Adventure Collection A reissue of the first three films, a real shocker! It looks like there are a few new bonuses thrown in, but I can't imagine why you'd re-purchase them for that. No word on a Blu-Ray version, though many expect the new Indy film will get a HD release before the end of the year. The one positive thing here is that you can finally buy the films individually (hence skipping Temple of Doom).

The Lovers (1958)

Man of the West (1958) Another Anthony Mann western gets a DVD release. I caught this one on TCM a while back and liked it. It's a dark, complex character piece for a Western and has a lot in common with Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World New this week on Blu-Ray. This is one of those titles I am going to go rent when I get a Blu player. It's such beautiful film, visually, that I really want to see how it looks in hi def.

Mission: Impossible Season 4

The Rat Patrol: The Complete Series

Saturday Night Live: The Complete Third Season

Stargate Infinity: The Complete Series