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"It's small, but particularly dirty."

Greetings Fellow Video Droogs!

Warners has announced a pretty cool way to both make more cash and satisfy demand for older movies that wouldn't sell well enough to warrant a normal DVD release. The studio, who has the largest catalog of old films by far, will start making movies available directly via their website. One can either order a DVD, which is made when you order it, or a digital download. Supposedly the site will contain a lot of films never released on DVD going all the way back to the silent era. The studio rep claims the films will get good transfers without any crap such as pan and scan. Sounds like a good idea, if you ask me. A story about the program can be found here.

Now, let's see what the video gods are showering us with this week.

The 400 Blows Criterion issues this one on BD.

Big Stan (2007) Also on BD.

Bolt (2008) Also on BD. More CG animated critters...

Charles in Charge: Season 4 Once again, Scott Baio did it...for 4 seasons (sorry, inside joke)!

Craig Ferguson: Wee Bit O' Revolution

Goldfinger (1964) The classic Bond film gets a BD release.

The Last Metro (1980) Also on BD.

Never Say Never Again (1983) Time to reissue this also-ran Bond film.

Quantum of Solace (2008) Also on BD.

Forbidden Hollywood Collection, Volume Three Another fun set of pre-code Hollywood films. DVD Savant has a good review of the set here.