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Andy does a great website for Dave Stafford, Architect Extraordinaire!

This is just a supplemental post for my buddy Andy who did a nice job on Dave Stafford's new website. It's simple, has some good samples of his work, and looks classy. It also delivers the essential information easily, which is something I can't say for some business sites. You can check out Dave's website here.

From the photos, it appears that Dave did the very cool bandshell design at Rapid City's Memorial Park.

Dave has recently started a new business, based in Rapid City, SD. As you'd expect, he does the architecture thing, but also works in sustainable design. Anyone know what the heck adaptive reuse really means? I'll have to ask him sometime. Dave also does design/build, which I am a bit familiar with here at the U. Sir Stafford apparently does work in historic preservation. It'd be interesting to hear his opinion on some of the unrestored buildings here on campus, no doubt. Project management is also apparently something he does in his new gig. I wish Dave all the best of luck in his new venture. He had some very good advice when we installed the door on the side of our garage (the dog yard access portal) which was helpful. If I ever have any real questions, I'm sure he'd be the guy to ask. Who knows, maybe I'll win the lottery and be able to hire Dave Stafford's services for a sweet Black Hills Summer home. Yeah, right! Again, the website, davestaffordarchitecture.com , is pretty sweet.


John, thanks for giving my pa-in-law a shout out. I totally forgot that he talked us through the door-in-the-garage project. If you have forgotten the details: they're here http://blog.paddlefish.net/2007/04/landos-door.html