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"I love showtunes, they really tell the story of the human condition."

We've been watching the new Ken Burns The National Parks: America's Best Idea series and so far it's pretty good. As you'd expect, there are many of the usual Burns documentary techniques being used here with lots of actor voice-overs for the quotations. The pacing of the show is a bit on the deliberate side, but the amount of information there is significant and I do feel like I'm getting a really good picture as to how the whole thing came about. Much of the background on the parks and how the park service was put together was unfamiliar to me.

Speaking of pictures, there are some beautiful shots of the outdoor scenes here; they did a great job combining new shots with old footage and still photos. In HD, the images really look nice. Many of the older photos look very sharp, telling me that they had some very good sources to work with. The BD version looks and sounds great, though the HD broadcast version is almost as good. I could see a bit more film grain on the BD version. Burns apparently still shoots using 16mm film. In any case, the series is worth checking out as a rental at least.

So, now that it's November...oh wait, it just seems like it is with all the snow outside.

Of course when the weather stinks, that means there's more time to check out all the lovely releases coming out this week:

Adoration (2007) Also on BD.

American Violet (2008) Also on BD.

Drag Me to Hell (2009) Also on BD.

Land of the Lost (2009) Also on BD. Of course they're also releasing the old TV show seasons this week.

Married... with Children: Season 11 11 years...

The Proposal (2009) Also on BD.

Rick Wakeman: The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Live at Hampton Court Palace (2009) Prog rock blow-out!