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October 27, 2004

"Wings count as legs."

One of the great things about the success of TV on DVD is that we get to see all of those interesting shows the premium cable networks are running. Sure, they aren't all worth watching, but there are some good ones that I'd like to see, at least via Netflix. Since these channels tend to run their movies in pan/scan, it isn't worth the money to subscribe just for a few original shows. So we wait for the DVDs, which works out pretty well. One of the shows I've heard good things about, but haven't seen is HBO's Deadwood. The first season will be out on 2/8/05 (SRP $99.98). The 6-disc set will include the episodes in anamorphic widescreen video with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Extras will include HBO's 30-minute Making of Deadwood special, the 45-minute History of Deadwood documentary, a 45-minute inteview with series creator David Milch conducted by Keith Carradine and audio commentary on 4 episodes (participants include David Milch, Molly Parker, Keith Carradine, Brad Dourif, Robin Weingart, Ian McShane and Tim Olyphant). It'll soon be time to get another series into the queue!

Paramount has, on 1/18/05, William Wyler's Carrie (1952 starring Laurence Olivier and Jennifer Jones), Joseph Anthony's The Matchmaker (1958 with Shirley Booth, Shirley MacLaine and Anthony Perkins) and Melville Shavelson's A New Kind of Love (1963 with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward).

Robert Harris has an online interview with Warner's George Feltenstein. George is Warner's classic film marketing dude and the interview is worth a read for those like me who dig the classic film DVDs and believe Warner to be doing a great job on the titles they've released lately. Check it out here.

DVD Savant has reviews of Animal Farm (1954) and Damn Yankees (1958, not the one Phil was in!).

October 25, 2004

"Revenge may be wicked, but it's perfectly natural."

After a fun, but all-too-quick trip to Rapid City, I'm back and ready to dive in with...

Weekend box office:

1. Grudge, The $40M
2. Shark Tale $14.3M
3. Shall We Dance? $8.61M
4. Friday Night Lights $7M
5. Team America: World Police $6.6M
6. Ladder 49 $5.42M
7. Surviving Christmas $4.5M
8. Taxi $4.25M
9. Forgotten, The $3.4M
10. I Heart Huckabees $3M

And of course, this week's DVDs:

* 21 Jump Street: Season 1
* Ask This Old House: Season 1
* Bad Boys II (Superbit)
* Bikini Bandits Save Xmas
* Bikini Bandits: Briefs Shorts & Panties
* Brain Donors
* Breaker Morant
* China Syndrome: SE
* Cliffhanger - Superbit
* Codename: Kids Next Door
* Control Room
* Corn
* Crazy Love
* Da Vinci Code Decoded
* Dawn of the Dead
* Dora the Explorer - Dora's Ultimate Adventure Collection
* Dora the Explorer: Xmas
* Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman Season Four (oy!)
* Forgotten Silver
* Frankenfish
* Frankenstein (2004-TV Movie)
* Garfield Holiday Celebrations
* Grand Theft Parsons
* Guns of Navarone - Superbit
* Happy Birthday to Me
* Harvest
* I Want a Dog for Christmas Charlie Brown
* Imax / Adrenaline Rush
* In Enemy Hands
* In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great
* Jimmy Hollywood
* Killer Nun
* Killing Machine
* Lost Boys of Sudan
* Macbeth (1979, TV)
* Mark of the Devil
* The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Collection
* Missing - Superbit (2003)
* Mulan (Disney)
* Night Train Murders
* Oc: Complete First Season
* Once Upon a Time in Mexico - Superbit
* Poirot
* Profiler: Season 4
* Spartacus (Miniseries)
* Speedo
* Staffers
* Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Seasons 1-7 box)
* Star Trek: The Next Generation (Seasons 1-7 box)
* Swat - Superbit
* Tesseract
* That 70's Show: Season 1
* The Lost Prince
* The Thing - Collectors Edition (1982)
* Underworld - Superbit
* Viva La Bam: Complete First Season
* White Chicks
* White Collar Worker Kintaro
* Wildboyz: Complete First Season
* Wind in the Willows (1983)
* Witch Hunter Robin: Complete Collection
* Young Thugs: Innocent Blood
* Young Thugs: Nostalgia

And the Twin Peaks news continues to trickle out...it's been really annoying; Artisan (now Lion's Gate) released the Season 1 set a few years ago (great set, BTW) but without the pilot episode...then they didn't release the second season for reasons that remain murky. So now, the show is going to change hands again, the current set will go out of print and Paramount, who gets the rights to the series next year, will eventually release them again; the rumors say they will do both seasons AND the pilot. The Lynchnet site has the scoop, but here's the main skinny:

"Our sources within Paramount say it's almost a sure thing that you'll see Season Two, as well as a re-release of Season One with the Pilot included, released by Paramount as soon as the rights revert back to them around September 2005. The current rights holder, Lion's Gate (formally Artisan) has no plans to further exploit Twin Peaks or any of it's Spelling Entertainment titles due to the short time frame they have before the rights are lost."

Universal has announced that they'll debut Vanity Fair (2004) on DVD on 2/1/05 (SRP $29.98).

TV show fun... Warner has announced that they'll release Gilligan's Island: The Complete Second Season on 1/11/05 (SRP $39.98). Also on the way from Warner are Kung Fu: The Complete Second Season (1/18/05 - SRP $39.98), One Tree Hill: The Complete First Season (1/25/05 - $59.98) and The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete Second Season (also 1/25/05 - $39.98).

Oooh! I'm gettin' SO excited about....Dukes.....uh, yeah...oh well, at least it ain't Dr. Quinn.

October 20, 2004

"My name is Talky Tina, and I'm going to kill you."

Good news for you Farscape fans. The new Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars is coming to DVD. It will street on 1/18/05 (SRP $19.98). Look for anamorphic widescreen video, Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, the 30-minute The Making of The Peacekeeper Wars documentary, an interactive concept art gallery, production storyboards, a spacecraft gallery and more.

Universal will release a 4-disc Monk: Season Two set on 1/11/05 (SRP $59.98).

Paramount's recent Chapelle's Show: Season One has become the all-time best-selling TV series release on DVD, with over 2 million units sold. To celebrate the news, they've just announced that Chapelle's Show: Season Two - Uncensored is already slated for release on DVD on 2/8/05.


Image Entertainment has announced that it will release The Twilight Zone: The Definitive Edition - Season 1 on 12/28 (SRP $119.99). This 6-disc set will include all 36 episodes mastered from new high-definition transfers using the original camera negatives, audio in the original mono, audio commentaries (by Earl Holliman, Martin Landau, Rod Taylor, Martin Milner, Kevin McCarthy, Ted Post and William Self), vintage audio "recollections" (with Burgess Meredith, Douglas Heyes, Richard Bare, Buck Houghton, Anne Francis and Richard Masterson), Rod Serling audio lectures from Sherwood Oaks College, isolated music scores (featuring the work of Bernard Herrman, Jerry Goldsmith and more), Rod Serling's promos for "next week's show", the original unaired pilot episode (Where Is Everybody?) featuring Serling's network pitch, a rare Serling blooper, the 466-page Twilight Zone Companion book by Marc Scott Zicree and more. The show had already been released as single DVDs (not in chronological order), but this way seems to make more sense. The previous DVDs were in seemingly random order, making it tough to get the early ones only if you so chose.

Image is also releasing The Twilight Zone (1985): Season 1 on 12/28 as well (6 discs, SRP $69.99), which will include a Wes Craven video interview, over a dozen audio commentaries (by the likes of Craven, Philip DeGuere, Alan Brennert, Bradford May, James Croker, JD Feigelson, William Wu, Harlan Ellison and Greg Bear), photo galleries and more.

Universal has Shaun of the Dead on 12/21 (SRP $29.98). Extras will include extended scenes, outtakes, casting tapes, Simon Pegg's video diary, Edgar & Simon's pitch to the studio, a special effects comparison, extended scenes from the television shows that Shaun watches in the film and galleries of production photos, ad campaign art and theatrical poster designs. Look also for both Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 audio.

Criterion has announced that they're working on a soon-to-be-announced DVD release of Akira Kurosawa's Kagemusha, featuring new interviews with filmmakers George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola.

And to wrap things up, DVD Savant's look at Tanner '88.

October 18, 2004

"I thrill when I drill a bicuspid / It's swell though they tell me I'm mal-ad-just-ed."

El Doc had to have some fun with the dentist this morning...part of the mouth is still numb, so not a lot of DVD action today, but here's the usual slop...

Weekend box office:

1. Shark Tale
Weekend gross: $22.1 M

2. Friday Night Lights
Weekend gross: $13.1 M

3. Team America: World Police
Weekend gross: $12.3 M

4. Shall We Dance?
Weekend gross: $11.6 M

5. Ladder 49
Weekend gross: $8.6 M

6. Taxi
Weekend gross: $7.7 M

7. The Forgotten
Weekend gross: $6 M

8. Raise Your Voice
Weekend gross: $3 M

9. The Motorcycle Diaries
Weekend gross: $1.7 M

10. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Weekend gross: $1.3 M

The DVDs 'O the Week:

* American Experience: Fight
* Arrested Development: Season 1
* As Tears Go By
* Batman The Animated Series - Secrets of the Caped Crusader
* Bionicle 2 - Legends of Metru Nui
* Cinderella Story
* Conquest of Space
* Creature From the Black Lagoon: The Legacy Collection
* Daryl
* Days of Being Wild
* Disciples Of The 36 Chambers
* Due South Season 3
* Ed Wood
(yes, this was released a few months back, but then pulled for some reason)
* Eden: Complete Series
* Explorers
* Eyes Without a Face
* Fallen Angels
* Fat Girl
* Fire in the Sky
* Garden of Allah
* Garfield: Movie
* Ghost Watcher
* Ghosts of Edendale
* Godzilla Collector's Box Set 3pk
* Godzilla Collector's Box Set 5pk
* Godzilla Collector's Box Set 7pk
* Godzilla vs. Gigan
* Godzilla vs. Hedorah
* Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
* Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry
* Greg the Bunny
* Happy Together
* Hellboy Director's Cut
* Hellboy Director's Cut Giftset
* Helter Skelter
* The Hole
* I'm Not Scared
* Ice Cream Man
* Intermezzo
* Intermission
* Invisible Man: The Legacy Collection
* Justice League: Brave and the Bold
* Love Me If You Dare
* Man Show - Girls on Trampolines
* Mummy: The Legacy Collection
* Pee Wee's Xmas Special
* Pit & Hellgate Double Feature
* Portrait of Jennie
* Profile of a Serial Killer
* Pursuit
* The Return
* Ruby Gentry
* SCTV 2: Second City Television Network
* Secret Honor - Criterion Collection
* Since You Went Away
* Slipping Down Life
* Species
* Splatter University
* Spongebob Squarepants: Complete Second Season
* Stargate Sg 1 Season 7
* Straw Dogs
* Superman Animated Series:Little Piece
* They Shoot Horses Don't They
* Tom and Jerry: Spotlight Collection
* Ultimate Oliver Stone Collection
(includes Salvador / Platoon / Wall Street / Talk Radio / Born on the Fourth of July / JFK Director's Cut / The Doors / Heaven and Earth / Natural Born Killers / Nixon / U-Turn / Any Given Sunday Director's Cut)
* Universal Soldier
* Van Helsing (Widescreen Edition)
* Van Helsing - Ultimate Edition (Dracula/Frankenstein/The Wolf Man)
* Wacky Races - The Complete Series
* Wong Kar-Wai Collection
* Xena Warrior Princess - Season Five
* The Young in Heart

Hunter was good enough to point out this USA Today piece on the wild success of TV Shows on DVD; nothing new, but it's a good overview of one of the ways in which DVD has changed the home video biz.

And a good review of The Fearless Vampire Killers (Polanski, 1967)

October 14, 2004

"A genius with access to unstable chemicals!"

Film restoration guru Robert Harris has a new article out, check it out here.

The recent bomb Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid will be sliming its way to DVD on 12/21.

MGM has release dates for Kitchen Stories and This So-Called Disaster (both 12/14), Wicker Park and Code 46 (both 12/28), Fall, Nobody's Fool, Something Short of Paradise, Until September, Jeremy, Paperback Romance, The Boyfriend School, and Anna Lucasta (all 1/25/05).

Warner has Everyday People (16x9, DD 5.1, audio commentary with director Jim McKay and executive producer Nelson George, The Process featurette - SRP $26.98), Ice Station Zebra (16x9, DD 5.1 - SRP $19.97), Ivanhoe (full frame, DD 1.0 - SRP $19.97), King Solomon's Mines (1950 - full frame, DD 1.0 - SRP $19.97), The Letter (1940 - full frame, DD 1.0 - SRP $19.97) and Random Harvest (full frame, DD 1.0 - SRP $19.97) all on 1/11/05. The studio will release Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Third Season on 1/18 (2-discs, 4x3, DD 2.0, video of U.S. Comedy Arts Festival panel with the cast and crew, episodic previews - SRP $39.98). On 1/25, watch for Coupling: The Complete Fourth Season (2-discs - SRP $24.98), Men Behaving Badly: The Complete Series 1, Men Behaving Badly: The Complete Series 2 (SRP $19.98 each) and a Men Behaving Badly: The Complete Series 1 and 2 2-pack (SRP $39.96). Finally, look for the 2-disc Sealab 2021: Season Two on 2/1/05 (SRP $29.98).

DVD Savant spins another Warner-released Hitchcock, Stage Fright (1950) and Roman Polanski's Tess.

And finally, a review of the upcoming (10/19) Van Helsing DVD.

October 13, 2004

"Learning from each other while we do our thing."

A quick one today for a couple of TV show updates.


Yep, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids is coming to DVD on December 14th. One's a low-end release: 1 DVD with "5 of the most sought-after episodes" for $14.99 SRP, running at 150 minutes. The other's more collector-oriented: a 4-DVD Deluxe, Limited-Edition box set with 20 classic episodes, bonus features, a custom embossed slip case, and an exclusive 12-page booklet. That one will go for $49.99 SRP for 720 minutes. The episode list for each release hasn't been revealed yet.

And, a friend tells me he heard that complete season sets of Daria are coming in the not-too-distant future, which would be great since the only channel that shows them on cable/satellite doesn't run all the shows and airs them with cuts.

And on a slightly different note, Shades and I have been letting a lot of DVDs pile up at home that we never seem to get around to watching for one reason or another. So, she came up with a fun idea: we wrote letters on scraps of paper, put 'em in a bag, and draw one each time we're ready to watch something. We then watch something (that we haven't viewed yet) that begins with that letter; then the letter goes back in the bag. For example, the other night I drew an L. We had the following options: The Life of Brian (disqualified as we realized we'd already watched the DVD once), The Last Emperor, The Last Temptation of Christ, and Lord of the Rings Return of the King. I picked The Last Emperor, which as it turned out Shades hadn't seen before. The titles we're picking are DVDs we haven't watched, even though we've seen some of the films which tend to be older stuff that we just picked up upon DVD release.

We haven't actually made it all the way through Emperor (it runs 220 minutes), but so far it's held up since I last saw it theatrically in 1987. The DVD however is pretty poor. It's from an old film transfer (probably from the LD master) and is in scope ratio to boot so there's a lot of digital artifacing in the image (the DVD of Aaron Sorkin/Rob Reiner's The American President is of similarly poor quality). The sound is also pretty underwhelming, which is a shame as it has a rich musical score plus 70mm prints had six channel sound mixes so a 5.1 mix could be done. Apparently much better DVDs of this film are available in other countries with newer film transfers...maybe someday.

October 11, 2004

"Wives! They cause me more trouble than the Methodist church."

Another work week begins with...

This past weekend's box office:

1. Shark Tale $31.7M
2. Friday Night Lights $20.6M
3. Ladder 49 $13.3M
4. Taxi $12.1M
5. Forgotten, The $7.5M
6. Raise Your Voice $4.6M
7. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow $2.27M
8. Shaun of the Dead $1.59M
9. Resident Evil: Apocalypse $1.25M
10. Woman Thou Art Loosed $1.2M

And here's what's coming out on DVD this week:

* 5ive Days to Midnight
* Bellboy
* Betty Blue
* Beyond Xmas
* Bite Me!
* Blast
* Blood Sisters
* Brave New Girl
* Breakin All the Rules Se
* Broadway:American Musical
* Cedric the Entertainer Presents: Complete Season
* Cinderfella
* Criterion Coll: Battle of Algiers
* Csi: Crime Scene Investigation - Comp Fourth Seas
* Damn Yankees
* The Day After Tomorrow
* Death in Holy Orders
* Delicate Delinquent
* Disorderly Orderly
* Dragons:Fire & Ice
* Dream On - Seasons 1 & 2
* Dusty Trail:Almost Complete Series
* Elizabeth Taylor: The Signature Collection
(includes National Velvet, Father of the Bride, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Butterfield 8.)
* Errand Boy
* Family Jewels
* Gatekeeper
* Gothika:Special Edition
* Harold and the Purple Crayon:Complete
* Home Alone 3
* I'm Not Scared
* Invader Zim 3: Horrible Holiday Cheer
* Jamie Kennedy Experiment: Complete Second Season
* Japon - Director's Unrated Edition
* Jingle All the Way
* John Wayne: The Signature Collection
(includes Stagecoach, The Searchers, Rio Bravo, The Cowboys.)
* Katherine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy: Signature Collection
(includes Woman of the Year, Pat and Mike, Adam’s Rib, Spencer Tracy Legacy.)
* Ladies Man
* Method
* Monster Man
* Mother
* MTV Punk'd - The Complete Second Season
* Noi (Noi Alibinoi)
* Nutty Professor
* Only You
* Patsy
* Radio Flyer
* Raising Helen
* Ren & Stimpy: Complete 1 & 2 Seasons
* Reversible Errors
* Run Angel Run
* Salem's Lot:Miniseries
* Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
* Shall We Dance
* Stateside
* Stealing Xmas
* Stephen King Presents - Kingdom Hospital
* Steptoe and Son Cinema Collection
* Stooge
* Taxi: Complete First Season
* That's Entertainment
* That's Entertainment 2
* That's Entertainment 3
* That's Entertainment Trilogy Giftset
* Transformers: Energon - Battle for Energon
* Transformers: Energon - Battle for Energon
* Transformers: Energon - Return of Megatron
* Transformers: Energon - Return of Megatron
* Valentin
* Wackiest Ship in the Army
* The Wire: Complete First Season
* Wolf's Rain Vol 3

We got around to watching some DVDs over the weekend including two in the election category.

Bob Roberts (1992). I've always gotten a kick out of this "mockumentary" by Tim Robbins (wrote/directed/starred). The songs are really funny and much of the dialogue is chock full of wit and sarcasm. My only gripe with the film is its ending where it veers off into Oliver Stone conspiracy territory (not that this can't be good in the right place) which bogs down the film. Not enough to sink it or prevent me from recommending it as one of the better political satire films. The cast is full of well-known actors who mostly have small roles. Jack Black, before he became well-known, is in it playing a teenage Bob-worshiper (really funny). Much of the content is all too familiar these days as the national backdrop for the film is the buildup to the Gulf War, complete with lots of rhetoric about Bush(HW), Saddam, and even WMDs are mentioned!

We also watched Election (1999), which is also obviously about an election....in an Omaha, NE high school. A nice change of pace from the more straight-up political film. I find this film very amusing, though I believe NE native Alexander Payne has done better work in About Schmidt (2002).

And I finally got around to watching Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003). Actually, I'd watched it the previous weekend with Tismo, but I wanted Shades to see it so I saw it a second time. Taken on its own, it's entertaining (if you like the cartoon-violence of martial-arts crossed with a bloody western), if pretty hollow. I believe Roger Ebert said it was " all storytelling and no story." That sums it up pretty well. It's quite the tribute to martial arts action gorefests with some Sergio Leone tribute thrown in for good measure. Tarantino is at the top of his filmmaking game (and thankfully absent in any acting capacity), technically but seeing this film on its own makes it difficult to appreciate as it comes off as violcence for its own sake. However, I will be soon watching the second volume and hold off judgement till then. And, the music and the way it's used is really good.

Fahrenheit 9/11, which came out last week on DVD, sold roughly two million units (on VHS and DVD combined) in its first day of release with the numbers rising to over three million by the end of the week. Not too surpising...

Paramount has announced Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow for 1/25.

DVD Savant has some good reviews up:

The Battle of Algiers (1965), a political film that is creepily relevant today.

THX-1138 (1971), now I don't remember the original version very much, but here's one review that says Lucas has NOT improved this film by his revisionist CGI alterations.

And finally, I want to note the sad news of Christopher Reeve's passing.

October 7, 2004

"If I can survive this movie, I can survive anything."

A quick update for today...

The Cole Porter biopic, De-Lovely has a DVD release date of 12/21. The disc will include audio commentary with director Irwin Winkler and Kevin Kline, a second commentary with Winkler and writer Jay Cocks, the Making of De-Lovely and Music of De-Lovely featurettes, 2 Anatomy of a Scene featurettes, deleted scenes, and a never-before-seen alternate ending.

And, word has it that the films of Harold Lloyd will finally start to arrive on DVD. Unlike the works of Chaplin and Keaton, Lloyd's films have been absent on DVD. Lloyd retained ownership of his work which had the benefit of them being well taken care of. It also meant that video releases couldn't happen without the approval of his estate, which still has an active interest in his films. Apparently the estate has recently inked a deal with New Line to release the films, probably sometime in 2005. No word yet on which ones, but this is great news since his material has been somewhat difficult to view for a long time. Check out some details here.

October 4, 2004

"Sure a dictatorship would be easier."

A slightly bigger week in DVDland...

* Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers - Supertroopers
* Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers - Tortuna
* Aladdin: Special Edition
* Aladdin: Special Edition Gift Set
* All I Want for Xmas
* Amanda Show 1: Amanda Please
* Amanda Show 2: Girls Room
* American Experience - RFK
* American Pop
* Bebe's Kids
* A Better Way to Die
* The Big Red One
* Black Beauty
* Body Snatchers
* Born Rich
* Cameron's Closet
* The Dame Edna Experience - The Christmas Specials
* The Dame Edna Experience - The Complete Series 2
* Dawson's Creek - The Complete Fourth Season
* Deadline
* The Decline of the American Empire
* Deep Impact Special Collector's Edition
* Detonator 2 - Night Watch
* Ed Wood Jr Collection
* Fahrenheit 9/11
* Fairly Oddparents: Channel Chasers
* Fairly Oddparents: Channel Chasers
* Fearless Vampire Killers
* The Five Obstructions
* Flesh & Blood: Hammer Heritage of Horror
* Flowers in the Attic
* Friday the 13th: From Crystal Lake to Manhattan
* Gardens of Stone
* Horns and Halos
* Horrible Horrors Vol 1
* Horrible Horrors Vol 2
* Iron Eagle III - Aces
* It Lives Again & It's Alive 3: Island of the Alive
* It's Alive
* Lady Death
* Let Joy Reign Supreme
* Life & Nothing But
* Live Wire 2 - Human Timebomb
* Michael Moore's Collector's Set
(Bowling For Columbine: Special Edition/The Big One )
* New Best Friend
* North and South: Complete Collection
* Occultist
* Pilates Weight Loss Workout for Dummi
* Roswell: Season 2
* Ruckus
* Saved
* Scribble Jam #7
* The Shawshank Redemption (Two-Disc Special Edition)
* The Shawshank Redemption: Deluxe Limited Edition
* Sugar Cane Alley
* Tanner '88
* The Three Faces of Eve
* Twas the Night
* Unspeakable
* Untouchables: Special Collector's Edition
* Vampyros Lesbos
* War Room
* What's Happening: Complete Second Season
* What's New Scooby-Doo, Vol. 4 - Merry Scary Holiday

And this past weekend's box office:

1. Shark Tale (DreamWorks SKG)
$49,100,000 ($49,100,000 through 1 week)
2. Ladder 49 (Buena Vista)
$22,785,000 ($22,785,000 through 1 week)
3. The Forgotten (Sony/Columbia TriStar)
$12,000,000 ($38,265,000 through 2 weeks)
4. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Paramount)
$3,375,000 ($30,687,000 through 3 weeks)
5. Mr. 3000 (Buena Vista)
$2,601,000 ($19,176,000 through 3 weeks)
6. Woman Thou Art Loosed (Magnolia)
$2,500,000 ($2,500,000 through 1 week)
7. Shaun of the Dead (Focus)
$2,428,359 ($6,874,465 through 2 weeks)
8. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Sony/Screen Gems)
$2,300,000 ($47,017,000 through 4 weeks)
9. First Daughter (Fox)
$2,150,000 ($7,116,734 through 2 weeks)
10. Cellular (New Line)
$2,025,000 ($28,168,000 through 4 weeks)

Upcoming fun:

The Village will be out on 1/11, the Al-Jazeera docu, Control Room is coming on 10/26, and Open Water floats by on 12/28.

And...more details from the forthcoming Return of the King Extended Edition set; from the press release:

"With close to 50 minutes of added footage and 300 new special effects shots, fans can expect several extended sequences that did not appear in theaters. A central character in the Trilogy, not seen in the theatrical edition of The Return of the King, makes a final appearance as the evil wizard Saruman (Christopher Lee) is confronted by Gandalf The White (Sir Ian McKellen) at the ruins of Isengard. One of the most powerful and treacherous figures in all of Middle-earth, Saruman will at last get the fate he so richly deserves.

Entirely new to viewers is the Mouth of Sauron, one of the Dark Lord's most grotesque and horrifying physical manifestations. When Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) leads the charge on the Black Gate at Mordor in order to create a diversion for Frodo (Elijah Wood), the gate opens to reveal a terrifying figure on an enormous black horse. With an armored face like a skull mask, this figure, known as the Mouth of Sauron, reveals Frodo's mithril shirt to the assembled warriors, leading them to believe Frodo has died pursuing his quest.

Another sequence that can be seen only in the Special Extended DVD Edition occurs between Faramir (David Wenham) and Éowyn (Miranda Otto). After his deranged father Denethor (John Noble) attempts to burn him alive, Faramir is taken to the Houses of Healing - a Middle-earth-style hospital - where he has an emotionally charged encounter with Éowyn.

Finally, fans will relish a surprising cameo by Peter Jackson. Though the mastermind behind the Trilogy could be glimpsed in the theatrical cut playing one of the pirates whose ship is overtaken by Aragorn and the newly raised Armies of the Dead, in the Special Extended Edition, Gimli (John-Rhys Davies) causes one of Legolas's (Orlando Bloom) arrows to misfire, accidentally hitting and killing Jackson!"

12/14 can't come soon enough!

October 1, 2004

"The ratio of people to cake is too big."

I was going to put this off till next week when I have more stuff, but this is pretty cool. An Office Space Special Edition is once again on track. The director has been working on it and it's supposed to be out in early 2005. No word yet on features, but a new film transfer would be welcome. This is one title that I'm happy to double-dip on.

Also, We Don't Live Here Anymore will be out on 12/14 (shaping up to be a big DVD release date).

DVD Savant has some more goodies:

Robinson Crusoe (1954, Buñuel)

Alexander the Great (1956)