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August 29, 2006

"Dammit man, the Doobie Brothers broke up!"

I've been wanting to post something about movies/tech stuff other than new DVDs, but with the start of semester looming next week, it's fallen off the agenda for a short while. But I'll have something...really! For now, here's this week's crop of new DVDs:

Akeelah and the Bee (2006) Yes, another spelling bee film.

Andy Griffith Show: The Complete Seventh Season One more season to go for this TV staple.

Arrested Development - Season Three

Brother Bear 2 Some direct-to-DVD Disney bear poo!

The Castle Of Cagliostro - Special Edition Miyazaki's debut feature film comes to DVD.

Desperate Housewives: The Complete Second Season - The Extra Juicy Edition Uh, yeah...

Fourteen Hours (1951)

The Jewel of the Nile (1985) A DVD re-do for this 80s hit (along with Romancing the Stone).

Lonesome Jim (2005) Yes, a film directed by Steve Buscemi.

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Limited Edition (Theatrical & Extended versions) OK, another chance for fans to spend money buying the Jackson films. Here's the deal with this one: these new 2 DVD sets have both cuts of the films which are put together with seamless branching so you can go between then. Same transfers and a few new bonuses that weren't on the old DVDs. You can get them all in one set or individually. Personally, I'm done buying these until HD.

Nip/Tuck - The Complete Third Season

Pretty In Pink - Everything's Duckie Edition John Hughes fans, this is your week.

Romancing the Stone: Special Edition

The Sentinel

Shock (1946)

Some Kind Of Wonderful - Special Collector's Edition

South Park - The Complete Eighth Season

Vicki (1953)

August 21, 2006

"They say all native Californians come from Iowa."

Hello again for another week of DVD fun. As always, clicking here will get you the whole list of new stuff with prices.

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979) Yep, it's "Poseidon Week" in DVD Land...why else would this one get out?

The Bill Cosby Show - Season One I remember watching this on occasion while growing up as some station seemed to show the reruns often. This show, for those who've never seen it, was not the success that the later Cosby Show was (it ran two seasons). It also had a strange, funky theme song and no laugh track. At least that's what I remember about it now...

Double Indemnity - Legacy Series Special Edition This classic noir has been out of print on DVD for years. It was released in 1998 or so as a bare-bones edition with a film transfer that was done for laserdisc. Universal finally got around to reissuing it with a new transfer and bonuses. Check out DVD Savant's review of the disc here He also does an interesting write-up of the already-released Ronald Reagan: The Signature Collection; "See Ronnie die of pneumonia, lose his legs, go haywire with strange seizures and fight the Ku Klux Klan!" Check it out here.

House, M.D. - Season Two

Kicking and Screaming (1995) Criterion reissues the indie film.

Poseidon (2006) Yep, it's flipped boats week...

Radioland Murders (1994)

The Robinsons - Complete Series One

Silent Hill

Sketches of Frank Gehry

State of the Union (1948)

This Island Earth (1955) The film used for Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, which has been out of print for years...apparently there are some rights issues with this one.

Veronica Mars - The Complete Second Season

The Wizard (1989) The Fred Savage "classic" arrives on DVD!

August 14, 2006

"I am sorry, but sometimes my tongue wiggles in ways I cannot control."

Ah, another week of late Summer with slim DVD pickings. At least the weather's nice around here this week. For the complete list of the new stuff, click here and I'll comment on a few of them here:

Apocalypse Now - The Complete Dossier A repackaging that includes both the original theatrical version and the longer Apocalypse Now Redux versions with new bonus material.

The Clark Gable Collection Fox releases three Gable films, the only ones he made for the studio, IIRC in a box set; the titles aren't available on their own. The Call of the Wild (1935), The Tall Men (1955). Want to know more about these three films, check out DVD Savant's review here.

The Flying Nun: The Complete Second Season

Hong Kong Phooey - The Complete Series Ah, there's nothing like a cartoon martial arts superhero dog voiced by Scatman Crothers!


James Stewart: The Signature Collection Warners cranks out another box set: The Stratton Story (1949), The Naked Spur (1953), The Spirit Of St. Louis (1957), The FBI Story (1959), Fire Creek (1968), and The Cheyenne Social Club (1970). DVD Savant reviews this set, describing Stewart as, " the real spokesman for right-wing America." Check it out here.

Rome: The Complete First Season The HBO series.

Ronald Reagan - The Signature Collection Speaking of right-wing America...here's what you get in this GipperBox: Knute Rockne All American (1940, source of the "win just one for the Gipper" line), Kings Row (1942), The Hasty Heart (1949), Storm Warning (1951), and The Winning Team (1952). Woo hoo! It's Gipperriffic!

RV (2006)

Scary Movie 4

The Simpsons: The Complete Eighth Season

The Weird Al Show - The Complete Series Anyone see this? It featured Barenaked Ladies (the group, silly) and Hanson!

August 8, 2006

"Pudding can't fill the emptiness inside me! But it'll help."

This seems like a somewhat slow week, DVD-wise, but here's what we have for new DVDs:

Adam & Steve

Beautiful People - Complete Season 1


Bring It On: All or Nothing Yes, a third sequel to this "francise" of cheerleading films...

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - The Complete Fourth Season

Heidi (2005)

Inside Man The latest Spike Lee release.

The Jayne Mansfield Collection Fox issues three new-to-DVD films featuring the bombshell Mansfield. The films aren't available by themselves; The Girl Can't Help It (1956), Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957), and The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw (1958). DVD Savant takes a good look at the set here.

Sealab 2021 - Season Four

The Wire - The Complete Third Season