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"You step on the bug and the f*cking internet is never invented."

I had this past weekend to myself at home. On such an occasion, I have been known to cram in movies I've been meaning to catch up on. For whatever reason, I had other things to keep me occupied and only watched a single movie at my one of my friends' place. We watched The Mummy (1999), a movie I'd somehow managed to avoid all this time.. This popcorn movie is hardly going to dethrone the Indy movies anytime soon, but it was a lot of fun, had some pretty good dialogue, and managed to not take itself too seriously. Brendan Fraser is very good at these kinds of lightweight action leads and carries the show easily. Sure, the villain is fairly cardboard cutout-like, but we don't really need much more than this anyhow. A fun diversion that I should have gotten to before. I can be a terrible snob when it comes to movies, but I can always appreciate this kind of entertainment when it sticks to its popcorn strengths and doesn't overstay its welcome. Job done.

So on with this week's list of new releases.

Beautiful (2009) Also on BD.

Crazies (2009) Also on BD.

Don McKay (2009) Also on BD.

The Eclipse (2009) Also on BD.

Everlasting Moments (2008) Also on BD.

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) Also on BD. Ah, nothing like a nostalgia movie from the year of my HS graduation: 1987. Ouch!

Mad About You: Season 4

Night Train to Munich (1940, Criterion)

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010) Another Chris Columbus "classic."

Stolen (2009) Also on BD.

The Warlords (2007) Also on BD.

The White Ribbon (2009) Also on BD.