Using Youtube to Study Human Behavior

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I love the magazine Fast Company. As a strategic journalism major and design minor, it's the perfect source for understanding how business and design are blended together all over the world. I just read an article, "Meet The Research Scientist Who Is Turning YouTube Into A Data Goldmine" which is a super intriguing report of how a research scientist, Louis-Philippe Morency, is using Youtube to investigate the subtleties of communication. Morency uses all sorts of videos while focusing on those in which individuals give personal reviews of products or movies or something. He's come up with a whole trove of information such as, "Morency finds that people look at the camera more when sharing a positive view and their voices become higher pitched. They start to use a lot more pauses when they are neutral." Morency sees future uses of his program for psychologists as well as businesses and schools. He's also currently working on branching his research out to languages besides English.

Watch this video to get Louis-Philippe's own explanation of his software.

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