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In class we discussed how the word "random" has now been gentrified and is part of many people's every day language. Another blog I came across discussed how "trend" has fallen into the same issue. She's a trend analyst and explains that people often don't know quite what to expect from her because they get caught up in the idea of a fashion trend or what's "trendy".

"The truth is, whether we are reading, watching a movie, looking at art, buying products, or shopping, our world does not change that much. We don't step from one world into a new one when we come from behind our screens to go jeans shopping, or when we go from yoga to the bank. Our desires influence--and are influenced by--our whole paradigm, our entire set of references.

That means that we are influenced and influence trends on different levels."

Researchers find trends in their data constantly. Trends help predict genetic mutations, diseases, fashion, people's likelihood to buy certainly is a large and encompassing word.

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