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While browsing a popular design/communications blog, PSFK, I came upon their list of innovative projects going on in the medical field. One of the most interesting was this one, called Cell Slider. It's built on a platform by two companies, Zooniverse, a crowdsource research project originally built for identifying stars, and Cancer Research UK.

"Volunteers will analyze images in ways that computers cannot, and in greater numbers than if only professionals were tasked with the research. The smartly designed website asks users to identify what kind of cells they see in an image - white blood cells, connective tissue or irregular cells. If they identify the appearance of mutations, they are prompted to count how many there are, what proportion of them are stained yellow, and how intensely they are stained." The site even has a tutorial and guides for identifying the cells. "Each image is viewed at least five times to reduce the inaccuracies that inevitably result from using nonprofessional analysts, and a portion of the slides have been looked at by experts to calibrate the results."

It's such an interesting idea to crowd source research- especially research like this. I mean, obviously this type of site might not be that thesible for an ad company to do but it's still a bit of really neat medical research.

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