Woodbury officer Identified and Wounded

Sgt. Omar Maklad, 27, was wounded late Thursday after a fatal domestic-related issue in Woodbury.
Maklad was released from Regions Hospital on Saturday where he was treated for serious but not life-threatening injuries, WCCO said.
Maklad responded to a domestic disturbance call at the 7200 hundred block of Braemar Lane when he was shot by resident Timothy Scott Hanson, the Star Tribune said.
Maklad, who has been apart of the Woodbury Police Department since 2001, was hit by two shots and shot back at Hanson killing him, WCCO said.
The officer was interviewed by BCA agents Saturday and Police Chief Lee Vague said he did what he had to do, the Star Tribune said.
Maklad is also a member of the Washington County Special Response Team, WCCO said.

Toyota accepts $16 million fine

The Toyota Motor Corp. will agree to a $16.4 million fine for failing to tell federal authorities about defective gas pedals on its vehicles officials said Sunday.
This will be the largest government penalty against an automaker, which faces a Monday deadline to make a decision, the Star Tribune said.
Transportation Department officials said that Toyota knew about the defective gas pedals since September but did not recall vehicles until January, WCCO said.
Officials said that Toyata is expected to pay the full amount in 30 days to avoid going to court, the Star Tribune said.
In January Toyota announced that it would recall 2.3 million vehicles to address the sticking pedal problems on models like the Camry and the Corolla, WCCO said.
Documents prove that Toyota knew about the problem since at Sept. 29, 2009 when it issued repair procedures to distributors in 31 European countries to address complaints of sticking pedals, the Star Tribune said.

Flights in Europe banned due to Ash Skies

Europe has grounded flights for the fourth consecutive day as a volcanic ash cloud from Iceland spreads over.
Airlines have ran several tests flights to prove that flying is safe to urge authorities to end the ban, The New York Times said.
Germany, the Netherlands, Britain and France all sent flights close to or into the the ash cloud that was caused by the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, the Los Angeles Times said.
All of the flights that were tested did land without incident but there was no indication that the aviation authorities would end the ban, the Los Angeles Times said.
Europe's Transportation ministers will meet in Brussels on Monday to decide when and how the planes will get back into the air, The New York Times said.
Authorities are concerned that if the planes were allowed back into the air their engines could seize or stall due to high levels of silica that is in the ash, The New York Times said.

Russian Adoption frozen in Minnesota Families

Rick and Barb Durig are some of the parents that have met with U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Sunday to unsnarl the adoption process that is going on between Russia and the U.S.
The Durig's are heading to Russia this week and are hopefully going to return with the three girls they are trying to adopt, the Star Tribune said.
However after a Tennessee woman sent her adopted son from Russia back on a plane with a note saying he was dangerous, it has made Russia threat to freeze adoption, WCCO said.
The Durig's do not want to be stuck there, however, they are still going to Russia to at least get to know the three children better, the Star Tribune said.
Klobuchar recently sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to urge her to work out a compromise with Russia, WCCO said.
A delegation from the United States will soon be sent to Russia to work out a settlement, the Star Tribune said.

Man's Body discovered in Crow River

A Hutchinson man's body was discovered in Crow River on Sunday after he disappeared in the river last week.
McLeod County authorities discovered Jeffrey Degn, 37, after an extensive search that ended Sunday afternoon, WCCO said.
A caller reported seeing a red jacket flowing in the river and called the McLeod County Sheriff's Office, the Star Tribune said.
The authorities identified Degn by his driver's license, who went missing Tuesday, the Star Tribune said.
The sheriff's office has been searching for Degn since last Tuesday when someone saw him slip near the damn on Main Street, WCCO said.
Degn fell in around 7 p.m. and was taken away by the fast-moving river, the Star Tribune said.
The search used sonar gear from Hennepin County, WCCO said.

Eden Prairie High Shool Web Site shut down after Hacked

The Eden Prairie High School website was shut down after a video and a picture of the Turkish flag and handgun appeared on their website on Sunday.
The site was disabled as soon as administrators heard of the hacking incident, which affected more then 100 websites in the world, the Star Tribune said.
At the top of the hacked site the words "Hacked by SilentAssault," with a video underneath containing a man holding up two fingers and speaking a different language, WCCO said.
The hackers did not to get the school's data nor did it affect the schools servers or other technological systems, the Star Tribune said.
After the issue is resolved the site will be reinstated once again, WCCO said.
The group or person that was behind the hacking of the schools site created web pages that was posted on top of different websites, the Star Tribune said.

Miners are mourned in West Virginia Coal Towns

The four remaining minors that were missing from the explosion in Upper Big Branch mine were found dead Friday night.
It ended a four day search for the men that were killed by the explosion on Monday in Montcoal, W.Va., the Los Angeles Times said.
The news has now brought the death toll to 29, which makes it the nations worst mining accident in four decades, The New York Times said.
Authorities are now focusing on bringing out all of the 22 bodies that still remain inside the mine, the Los Angeles Times said.
The Massey Energy Company will pay for the victims funerals, which is the owner of Upper Big Branch, The New York Times said.
President Obama has ordered for the federal mine safety officials to report on the cause of the explosion, the Los Angeles Times said.

Polish President's body is returned to Warsaw

President Lech Kaczynski was returned to Warsaw on Sunday after a plane crash killed the president along with 95 other people.
Thousands of Poles sang the national anthem and tossed flowers on the hearse of Kaczynski as he was carried to the presidential palace, the Star Tribune said.
The plane had been heading to Smolensk to honor 22,000 Polish officers that were killed by the Soviet secret police in 1940 in the western Soviet Union, the Star Tribune said.
That massacre has divided the two nations for seven decades, which shook Russia as well, WCCO said.
The disaster has been called Poland's worst incident since World War II and has caused Poles to lower flags to half-staff and tape black ribbons to their windows, WCCO said.
President Kaczynski casket was met by his daughter Marta, who also lost her mother in the crash, the Star Tribune said.

Eden Prairie Airman killed in Afghan Crash

A U.S. Air Force Osprey crashed in Afghanistan on Friday that killed a pilot from Minnesota and three others.
Maj. Randell Voas, 43, a native of Eden Prairie, died when the Osprey crashed near Kandahar, the Star Tribune said.
Voas graduated from Eden Prairie high school and graduated with a degree in biology from the University of Minnesota, WCCO said.
His father, Dwaine Voas, said his son was a professional Air Force pilot and loved his job, the Star Tribune said.
Voas lived in Florida with his family near the Hurlburt Field where he was assigned to the 8th Special Operations Squadron, WCCO said.
Voas loved his family who left behind his wife, a St. Paul native, and two daughters, the Star Tribune said.

Women rescued from Hugo pond dies

A Lino Lakes woman died after her SUV went into pond in Washington County on Saturday afternoon.
Debbie Joy Porterfield, 42, was pulled from her 2000 Ford explorer after deputies got the call at 1:30 p.m., WCCO said.
The Sheriff's deputies arrived at Oneka Parkway and Frenchman Road in Hugo at 1:36 p.m., where they found the SUV underwater with Porterfield inside, the StarTribune said.
Porterfield was taken to Regions Hospital in St. Paul after the Washington County Fire Dive Team freed her from her vehicle, WCCO said.
Porterfield died later Saturday night after being brought to Regions Hospital by ambulance, the Star Tribune said.
The accident is being investigated the Washington County Sheriff's Office and the vehicle has been removed from the pond, the Star Tribune said.