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In-the-Womb Surgery Gives “Miracle� Birth

The birth of twins suffering from Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome was called a “miracle� in a WCCO story.

Abbott Northwestern and Children’s Hospital doctors William Block and Brad Feltis performed an “experimental procedure� on the boys, who shared blood vessels and the placenta, which would have likely killed the twins otherwise, the Star Tribune said.

"Without the surgery, without any therapy at all, the loss rate for both babies approaches 80-90 percent so they wouldn't be here holding their babies," Block said to Kare11.

The doctors are the only ones in the Midwest to perform the operation for TTTS, which has previously had to recommend between 40 and 50 Minnesotan cases a year to Cincinnati or Seattle facilities to have the procedure done, according to WCCO.

The procedure, called fetoscopic laser ablation, involved inserting a very small scope into the mother’s abdomen in order to see inside her uterus where the doctors “cauterized� the connected blood vessels, WCCO said.