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Cultural Analysis

The story “Fear of the Queer: Blacks in Florida vote to oppress gays,? by Bob Norman, published last week in New Times Broward-Palm Beach discussed the issue of blacks voting against gay marriage in Florida.

The story explained the phenomenon of many “civil rights-minded black voters? who voted against gay marriage, but voted for Obama.

The article used statistics to illustrate the facts. “While about 96 percent of black voters favored Obama, 70 percent of them were opposed to gay marriage, according to both pre-election and exit polls,? the article said.

This article asks many questions about why the majority of black Americans do not support gay marriage, assuming that because African Americans have experienced so much discrimination, they would want gay couples to have equal rights.

The story also uses quotes to add credibility and life to the story. "Black people have consistently been less supportive of gay and lesbian rights than any segment of the population in Florida," the article quotes S.F Mahee, an Oakland Park activist, saying.