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Amsterdam Plans a City Clean Up

Amsterdam revealed plans Saturday to close half the city’s brothels, sex shops and marijuana cafés in an effort to curb organized crime from the popular tourist destination, CNN said.

The city council said that some red light businesses exist as a cover for organized crime such as the trafficking of women and drug dealing.

"Money laundering, extortion and human trafficking are things you do not see on the surface but they are hurting people and the city. We want to fight this," Deputy Mayor Lodewijk Asscher said to BBC.

The plan announced that Amsterdam will spend $38 million to $51 million to attract hotels, restaurants and small shops to the area, the BBC said.

Asscher made it clear that the city will remain a “tolerant and crazy place,? CNN said.

The city’s “tolerant policy? has a longstanding reputation, emerging as a center for prostitution in the 1600s.

The Netherlands legalized prostitution in 2000 and allows the open selling of marijuana in coffee shops.