Autism risk gene?

Found an interesting study by the folks at UCLA...

This study by UCLA looked at brain function based on the two different variants in the CNTNAP2 gene, which has been a suspected gene responsible for Autism. In their study they performed fMRI's on 32 children and looking at the scans they found half of those children were in the "at risk" zone for Autism. The "at risk" zone is when the frontal lobe lights up significantly because its connected to itself immensely but inadequately connected to the rest of the brain. This lack of connectivity leads to a defecit in communication. The team also looked at left/right brain connectivity which allows a person to understand and interpret language. In the at risk children there was a lack of connectivity compared to the non-risk children. An important thing to note, however is that just because a person has an "at risk" gene expression doesn't mean they will be on the Autism scale. The next step to prove that CNTNAP2 is connected directly to Autism will be to try to link that gene mutation to children with language and communication impairments that have been attributed to Autism.

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