Quick Growing E. Coli

Researchers who have been working on fine tuning the mass production of quality E. coli that can be used to obtain pure DNA that is used in developing vaccines, medicines, and in synthesizing other things we commonly see. Some of the examples given in the article that are synthesized by using DNA obtained from this strain of E. coli are laundry detergents and plastic which is lab-made. The strain they talk about in this article is DH5α had been initially altered to purify the DNA into a useable format but in doing this they also slowed the growth of the microorganism. Further research which has been done by scientists at U of I, in which they found the gene they altered. The gene they altered affected an enzyme in the biosynthesis pathway, once this was corrected the DH5α strain grew as quickly as the other strains typically grown in a lab setting.

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