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Leading from the middle

The information that Jennifer York-Barr presented was interesting and sparked a lot of questions and concerns. She brings many issues to the front that require me to think about both as a technology leader and a futur leader.

The analogy of the hairball is a great way to think about bureaucracy accurate. I had not thought about.

The crab bucket is a great way to understand the teacher culture within most schools.

Trust! It is a key element that assists in motivating teachers to embrace change. It is something that all leaders, no matter what level they are at, must be constantly working on all the time. It is a leader’s opportunity to build relationships with all school staff so that when change occurs, trust exists between the various groups. This is something that I believe must be a corner stone of my leadership.

I am perplexed about QCom and how information flows between leader teachers to the principal. Why can’t this process be viewed as a way to improve teacher teaching so that student learning increases. How does a principal navigate through this quagmire? As I look forward to leading a school, I need to get a better handle on this topic.

Scott, if you have a suggested reading list in leadership in education and technology leadership, could I have a copy of it? Thanks!