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Technology Integrationists

One of the frustrating areas for pre-service training teachers is there lack learning how to effectively integrate technology into the curriculum. This doesn’t make much sense. I believe that higher education teacher programs are not fulfilling its responsibility for preparing future teachers to meet the needs to the net generation.

Getting teachers on-board to use technology is a full time job and it must occur. I believe that there needs to be more show-n-tell occurring in schools to educate and excite teachers to integrate technology. This can occur in numerous ways. If technology is going to be fully integrated, it has to either be directed from top down (of which I don’t suggest) or implemented by the teacher.

Because technology is an emerging field within education, it will take time for it to be diffused through out education. As a leader in implementing technology integration, my job is to continually search for ways to do this. I plan on talking to my principal about ideas I have about helping teachers with technology integration. The one big question I need to keep before me is “What is getting in their way or what are they afraid of??

Oh! Oh! I do remove technology use from students when they have used it inappropriately. I need to rethink this issue and do some problem solving to better address issues.