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Video game review

Over the weekend I ended up playing the world of Warcraft “burning crusade�. I don’t play many computer games but I figured this was a good opportunity for try out Warcraft and see what the hype was all about for the new game. I guess the first thing I noticed was the animation and graphics; there amazing, the coloration and detail really caught my eye.

The games menus seemed easy to access and the interesting thing that I found was the in-game help system which is really nice if you’ve never played before or are just a beginner at the game. You then either pick a horde or and alliance and go from there level to level. The game is challenging I spent 45 minutes playing and it only felt like 15. It’s kind of addicting. After playing the game I thought the overall navigation of the game was fairly easy I didn’t find it to hard to maneuver through the menus. The graphics weren’t choppy and flowed well for how detailed the graphics were. The thing that I guess I found the hardest about the game was the key commands there’s so many and it’s hard to remember them all right away when I started playing. I guess if I had a controller it would have been easier.