April 26, 2010

Revisiting Quickstar Paran

I thought I will revisit my entry on titled "quickstar paran". Although I dont update my blog (i moved on to another blogging service), I am taking the time to make sure that spam does not pollute the comments section of that blog entry. I hope it will be a good resouce for people searching for information on Amway and Quickstar. Both positive and negative comments/experieces are welcome. Comment away. This is the link to the blog entry.

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January 17, 2005

Moving to blogspot.com

I am moving over to blogspot.com. Please visit http://dakee.blogspot.com
for my latest posts.

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January 10, 2005

A New Guru

I am trying to learn guitar now. Have this instrument sitting next to me for about 10 months now and have managed to learn 2 songs. My Guru (Balsu) taught me those songs. I came to know later that he knows only those songs. So I am technically a " Guru vee Minjina Shisyan" now althought I dont know much in guitar anyways. A graudate student came in this Fall 2004, who is a master in guitar. He has readily agreed to be my guru. I plan to learn a lot more this year.

World beware,

A new talent is coming ... soon.. hopefully.. someday...

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January 8, 2005

I feel like......

If you are living in Midwest or anyother COLD region in the United States, there is one advice which you will hear from people around you. Dress in Layers. The funda is that, the air between layers of cloth is a better insulator and hence keeps you warm.

Assume that I want to go the next apartment building. In India, just wear a chappal and you are ready to go. In Minneapolis, man, its a different story altogether. The process is something like this.

1. Ull Banian
2. Shirt/TShirt
3. Sweater
4. Jacket
5. Muffler
6. A woolen cap
7. Underwear
8. Thermals
9. Jeans
10. Socks
11. Shoes

By this time, one gets tired and start thinking if its worth all this effort to meet the guy next door? Why not call him up?

Getting dressed in minneapolis, is not a task, its a ritual. I feel like an onion after sometime. To put Layer after Layer of clothing and peel away after the trip. After sometime you dont see people walking around, you see onions. Everyone in layers. There is a philosophy that people are like onions (Sherk 2). Everyone has layer and layer of personality and to know the actual person, one has to peel away these layers and get to know the actual person. In Minneapolis, well this is literally how people are seen around. Like onions. Layers and Layers of clothing. Even after all this, you feel cold and curse the winter. Long live the cold (sigh).

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January 6, 2005

Quick Dinner recipe

Yesterday we just had cooked rice at home for dinner. We ( me and my roomie) had no mood to cook anything and there wasnt much stuff in our house to cook anyways. So we thought, lets make some mixed rice. (lemon rice and tomato rice). As PhD students, we dont follow conventions ;). We thought, lets make our own recipe. I made the tomato rice and its called "Verum Thakkali Sadham" (Just tomato Rice). The key word is "Verum" (just). Its called like that, because apart from tomato, there is no other vegetable in it, not even onion (We were out of onion and I generally dont prefer to put any vegetable in my cooking which makes me cry unless ofcourse its absolutely necessary, like onion chutney ;)). So here goes the recipe.

Things which you absolutely need:
Tomato ( we used Hunt's crushed tomato)
Mustard seeds

Things which can increase the flavor
Ginger-Garlix Paste
"Karuveepilai" (dont know the english equivalent of this)
Jeera (Cummin Seeds)
Turmeric Powder

To Prepare:

Heat oil
Put everything (except tomato and salt) into it
Once the mini-explosions are over due to mustard seeds, put tomato and salt. Becareful here as more mini-explosions are possible due to heated oil mixing with water of tomato.
Keep cooking till you no longer want to wait or till the raw tomato smell is over
PUt the cooked rice into it and mix well.

The "Verum Thakkali Sadam" is ready :)

Some hints: Use a non-stick vessel for cooking.

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January 3, 2005


I am simply hooked to Sienfield. I just cant help it. The characters are just too good. My favourite: Who else but Kramer. Man he is the gem of the show. Once he is in, you are sure to laugh, no doubt about it. Just days before my visit to the barber shop, my hair style was the "Kramer" hair style ;).

Yesterday, got a chance to watch the in the making of Sienfield. The man behind the scripts is Larry David and the character "George" is based on him (the real life Larry David). It seems that this was initially thought of as a standup comedy special and in the end became a serial. Can you imagine, the pilot serial was rated really bad by the test viewers. One guy in NBC backed up this project. Thank god he did back it up.

All thumbs up for Sienfield, Larry and Mike Richards (Kramer).

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January 1, 2005

To Kill a Mocking Bird

What a movie. One of the best movies I have seen till now. The story is very simple and the caracters play their part very well. Particularly scout and Mr Flinch acted very well. Clearly shows the social condition in the 1930's America. After seeing this movie, I have the urge to read the book. Great ending. A must see 1962 classic.

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December 31, 2004

Another Year

So, another year has passed. I am 26+ now. I still remember the incident which happened at a saloon this year. The hair stylist was a 50+ year old man and as usual we were chatting while he was doing his job. He was telling about getting old. The conversation went on something like this

HS: So how old are you?
Me: I am 25
HS: OK, so you are 25. Soon you will hit 30, before you even will know
Me: Yeah time is just flying.
HS: Then 35 then 40 then 50 and it will be time to retire
Me: Silent
HS: What do you think about it?
Me: Well, I guess its sort of scary to think about that.
HS: Scary? immm, thats how it is, time just flies.

This short conversation made me think, how "soon" time goes by. I can still remember my first day at school, pretty well. and now I am at the "end of the road" of school life. I have travelled for more than 23 years in this road, through the highs and lows. Its a different feeling to know that the travel is coming to an end and its time to go on to the next phase of life. A new life in a new year.

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December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve

So, its christmas eve. What a day to go shopping. Well, I wanted to get warm winter cloths from Walmart and me and my roomie also wanted to watch the movie " THE INCREDIBLES". So off I started from my home. On the way picked up some cash from the ATM and picked up my roomie from his lab. Well, I dont have a car, so picked up means, joined him for a walk to the bus stand. Anyways, what ever. There is just one problem. I have a $10 note and I need quarters to get into the bus. Well, we thought the quarter machine in the Mechanical Department should get us the change. When we reached there, a sweet surprise, the machine takes only upto $5 note. No $10. Now what to do? There should be some shop thats open. Will get some stuff and in the process get the quarter. Once into the street the reality hit us. Man its CHRISTMAS EVE. No shop was open. Well, almost. One was open. The barber shop ;). ANN's Hair dresser in washington ave. We decided to try our luck there. We went in. Seeing our hair, the guy was happy. Asked us, so you want a hair cut?? We said well ... no.... , we need change for $10. The guy was kind enough to get us change for $10. Man that was a close call. If this dint happen, all plans down the drain. From then on everything happened like clock work. Reached Walmart, got some stuff, next went to down town, reached the theater on time (actually a bit early). We were the only people in the theater till about one minute into the trailers. Then about 6 people joined us. In India, generally at this point, we will get our money back and would have been asked to come later. But this is US of A. So we were able to see the movie. IT was AWESOME. We came out of the theater will great joy, when we hit upon a sweet surprise. The bus to our home was just in front of us, like a waiting "LIMO". We were back in home in 10 mins. So that was "clockworky".

So next time, before we start shopping or go to a movie we know where to get change for $10 ;).

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December 20, 2004

Learn to Ride a Bicycle

So, Here I am yet again with another weblog entry. So what prompted me in writing one? Well, tommorow I have the statistics finals and I am sort of down. Was browsing in the web when I came accross the lecture on "Technology and Courage" by Ivan Sutherland. He talks in length about courage and how essential it is for research. He emphasises that Pride in ones work is a very important component in ones success. An example is " A child learning how to tie the shoe lace". Why the child learn's that? because he wants to show to others that "He can do it". For a very similar reason, I learnt how to bicycle. I was trying hard during my 4th grade class, to learn how to Bi-Cycle. Since there were many people around, they tried to teach me how to ride one, but I could never get the cycle to balance. Then one day I decided I will show them that I can ride a bi-cycle. All my neighbours were outside, and I started. Initially it was sort of unbalanced, but I picked up and for the next 10 seconds I was "balanced". Then I hit a rock and I fell down. It was a bad fall and I lost some skin. But I was very happy and I was not crying. Just because of the fact that I was able to show to people that I can do it. That is one incident of "courage" which I can remember in my life. In retrospect, I dont know if I had shown courage in my research. I cant think of any incident where I showed courage. I guess as one grows older, one tends to forget these basic things in life and this article reminded me to think about it. I guess more than thinking action is required.

If you are interested to read the article, go a gogle search on "Technology and Courage" and the first link will get you the document.

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