Gingrich defends moon colonization plans


Newt Gingrich laid out plans to colonize the moon on Wednesday, with hopes of putting an American base on the moon by the year 2020.

During his speech, Gingrich was very serious about his plans despite some of his opponents' jabs at his vision, CNN reports.

Rival Mitt Romney has said that he is simply not willing to invest the money in this kind of project. Opponent Ron Paul went to the route of defending health care and vying to make it more of a priority, Huffington Post reports. Rick Santorum sided with Ron Paul, saying that America's deficit required cutting programs, not irresponsibly exploring the moon.

Gingrich says his moon colonization plans are very much about doing something bold and big to bring the country together. He also mentioned wanting to get there before the Chinese, implying a fear that another part of the world could beat us to it.

The hopeful future president doesn't want to stop at the moon, either. If elected president, Gingrich aspires to tackle Mars as well, CNN reports.


I can see you are drawn to the offbeat story. As long as you are sticking to fact-based news, which you are, that's fine with me. I'll be interested to read your entries. Good job. GG

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