Analysis #2: Attribution

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This Kare 11 story about the Susan G. Komen foundation reversing its decision to cut Planned Parenthood funding utilizes a number of sources.

The first source provided was a very logical choice - the founder of the Komen foundation herself, Nancy Brinker. She is the head of the whole foundation and thus responsible for defending any major decisions, especially those that caused such an uproar.

There is a source in every paragraph of the story that follows. The next source is a PR consult for the foundation, which is another logical choice. Public Relations definitely plays a hand in these matters because PR is about preserving the reputation of companies and individuals.

The following sources represent Planned Parenthood and the Komen foundation. The way these sources are introduced is very effective and each person certainly plays a role in the behind the scenes aspect of the story.

What could be a concern is how long some of the titles for these sources are. If the title is much longer than the person's name or quote (an example in this story is with Pam Glenn), his or her words can become buried.

Overall, this story is a very fine example of how to use attribution to the fullest in a news setting.

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