Analysis #3: Structure

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The structure of this Kare 11 story was ultimately very effective.

The lead gives just enough information: "shot to death" and "hotel in Minneapolis" are specific yet general at the same time because the number of shots and name of hotel are not included yet.

The story moves into giving the age, name, and location of the victim and included that he was "shot several times." The next bit gives more about the when and where which is very effective. Names should be first and when is less crucial usually. The place could have been brought in with his name as well, but this way was fine.

The next part brings up the arrest. If this had been put any later, it could have been a hindrance to the story because it took so long to get to the "meat" of the story if you will. Luckily the other fact blocks were short and it was just fine.

The rest of the story contains quotes and slightly less pertinent information and then follows into asking if anyone has details about the incident. This story was very effective and followed a nice, readable structure.

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