Heavy snow overwhelms Italy

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The worst winter in decades hits Europe, causing power outages, devastating accident, and transportation issues across Italy.

Three people died and 500 people had to be evacuated from their homes during adverse weather conditions this past Sunday. It is the worst snow to hit Europe in 18 years, BBC reports.

Many of Aniene Valley's 32 villages near Rome lost electricity on Friday when snow caused an electric pylon to fall. The valley is home to 50,000 people and has received a reported 39 inches of snow this winter, CNN reports.

Piero Moscardini, mayor of Vallinfreda, is very concerned for villagers as transportation has become near impossible and this means livestock will suffer.

"The situation is tragic," he told CNN. We need the Army to save us."

An issue with a lack of equipment to compete with the rise in snowfall has led to traffic jams, people being stranded, and a number of other concerns. An hour long commute easily becomes four hours.

Rome's Mayor Gianni Alemanno was being criticized for the city's handling of the weather.

Public offices and schools will be closed this upcoming Monday, the city told CNN

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