Komen reverses Planned Parenthood funding decision

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After receiving backlash from the media for cutting funding to Planned Parenthood, Komen foundation founder Nancy Brinker apologized and reversed her decision on Friday.

The foundation said it would be stopping more than $650,000 grants to Planned Parenthood, money that went to funding breast cancer screenings. Planned Parenthood supporters lashed out on Facebook, Twitter, and via email and phone calls.

"They really wanted a chance to register their frustration and to say no to politics coming before women's health," said Jen Aulwes, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood in the Midwest.

Supporters raised 3 million dollars to fund breast cancer screenings just in this past week, Kare 11 reports.

Planned Parenthood does a physical breast exam on every woman as part of a regular physical, and refers mammograms to any woman over 40. About 80 percent of its clients are younger than 35, and may not see other doctors. This exam could be the only method of detecting breast cancer for some, the Star Tribune reports.

Komen founder Nancy Brinker said the group is committed to women's health, and that the move was "not political," Kare 11 reports.

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