May 8, 2008

Summary of Volunteering

I have volunteered all school year with Commonbond Community. The first semester I did adult tutoring because there were not enough kids who wanted a study buddy to work with. This semester I was a study buddy with a student named Omar who is in 7th grade. He is a friendly student with a brother and lots of friends who also attend the study buddy program.

We would meet for an hour each Wednesday and try to finish any homework he had while reserving time to play a board game or computer game at the end. I always liked when he had math homework because thats where I felt I could help the most. One thing that makes math easier are the little tricks. Small division or multiplication tricks make math easier and teachers dont always mention these. Besides math, I would help Omar with science and English classes. When we were done with homework we would play games Omar like to play two player flash games online. I would try to suggest the word puzzle games or something halfway educational but we would usually end up playing racing or tank games.

Working with Omar gave me a one on one experience with a student that I dont normally get. I got to find out his likes and dislikes. Omar really liked to read books. Action and Horror books mostly and there were some days that we would switch off reading aloud. I also helped Omar write a poem that we were both quite satisfied with. This is the poem:


Under the deep blue sea,
The whole world is darkness to me.
Stuck down under the sea I can hardly breathe,
More aquatic creatures than I can believe.
I see a shimmer of light,
It is a golden sight.
Shining in this eerie blue darkness,
I wonder what the scientist sees?

Even though I wasnt completely certain about how the service hours related to this class, I was glad that we did it. Last semester had an education project that related to our volunteer community and I thought it was unfortunate that we didnt have a similar project. With the world as the focus for this semester's project in the UN's Millennium Development goals I thought it could be combined with our service easily because so many of the students we volunteered with had parents or grandparents from another country. It would of been interesting to learning about the countries combining their knowledge and our research.

Volunteer Journal Recap

A recap of the journals that I've been taking throughout volunteer work.

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