April 7, 2009

A Look At Perfect Duluth Day

This blog is about Perfect Duluth Day, a community web log dedicated to local stories and events taking place in Duluth. It is community run blog, with all the entries coming from members of the site.

by: Ean Koerner


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Barrett Chase

Perfect Duluth Day isn't your average source of news. It doesn't have your average journalists or editors. It doesn't have a typical office or news room. It doesn't have a typical front page. What it does have though, is a dedicated membership committed to spreading the word of what's happening in their community.

by: Ean Koerner

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Clip of Interview with Barrett

This is a clip from my interview with Barrett Chase. He is talking about what makes him the most proud with regards to Perfect Duluth Day. The audio is kind of bad, but it's still understandable. Enjoy!

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The Future...

Blogging is still in its infancy, it has a long way to go before it reaches its full potential. Barrett comments on the future of blogging, and where he plans to take Perfect Duluth Day.

by: Ean Koerner

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Rotating Banner

One of the most popular features on Perfect Duluth Day is the rotating banner at the top of the homepage. Every time the page is refreshed a new picture appears with the Perfect Duluth Day logo. The majority of the pictures are submitted by members and fans of the site. To submit a photo, click here.


Photo taken from Perfectduluthday.com


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