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2006 Archives

November 2006

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soft_matter_cover2007.gifOur invited review, "Self-assembly and applications of biomimetic and bioactive peptide-amphiphiles" is published in Soft Matter and our work appears on the cover of the journal. We thank Dan Bolintineau and Todd Pangburn for their valuable help with the cover image.

October 2006

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Efie is awarded the Ray D. & Mary T. Johnson / Mayon Plastics Chair in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. Congratulations.

September 2006

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Anastasia successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis "Biomimetic Peptide-Amphiphiles for Functional Biomaterials". This is the first Ph.D. from the Kokkoli group. Congratulations Anastasia! Good luck with your new job at Pace Anaytical, in the 3M Drug Delivery Systems Division.

July 2006

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Chuan defends his M.S. thesis "AFM Study of Zeolite Growth". Congratulations Chuan and good luck!

May 2006

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Matt garduates with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Congratulations Matt and good luck.

April 2006

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Chuan, Efie, coadvisor Prof. Tsapatsis, and colleagues from CEMS-UMN, Department of Chemistry at UMN, and Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UMASS, publish their work on "Mechanistic Principles of Nanoparticle Evolution to Zeolite Crystals" in Nature Materials. The work is highlighted on the NSF webpage. Congratulations.

March 2006

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Eman receives the 2006 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship. Congratulations.

January 2006

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Efie is a recipient of the University of Minnesota McKnight Land-Grant Professorship. Congratulations.