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2009 Archives

December 2009

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Nicole won an award (sponsored by the Masonic Cancer Center of the University of Minnesota) for her poster presentation at the LifeScience Alley Conference. Congratulations.
We welcome Kyle, an undergraduate student, into our group.

November 2009

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Garrett, Jikku, and Rachel join our group. Welcome.

October 2009

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Ashish successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis "Targeted Drug Delivery and Enhanced Intracellular Release Using Functionalized Liposomes". Congratulations Ashish! Good luck in your new job as Senior Scientist II at Teva Parenteral Medicines, Inc.

Asish Graduates

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Ashish successfully defended his thesis, so we all got together to celebrate.

September 2009

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We welcome three undergrads Bradford, James, and Mike that will be working with us.

August 2009

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Alison defended her M.S. thesis "Development of Targeted Stealth Liposomes for Non-Viral Gene Delivery". Congratulations Alison! Good luck with your new job as Junior Scientist in the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics at the University of Minnesota.
Nicole passed her oral exam. She is now officially a Ph.D. candidate. Congratulations.

June 2009

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Brett, Matt, and Maroof passed their oral exam. They are now officially Ph.D. candidates. Congratulations.

May 2009

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spr-sum_09_cover_thumb.jpgThe Kokkoli group's research is highlighted on the back cover of the Institute of Technology's "Inventing Tomorrow" spring/summer '09 magazine. This magazine goes out to alumni and friends of the Institute of Technology each semester. It is a great honor to be featured on the cover of such a high profile publication.

April 2009

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During IT Week - Awards and Recognition Banquet, a special event that recognizes outstanding Institute of Technology (IT) faculty and teaching assistants as well as student organizations and their advisors, Efie was honored as the keynote speaker for this year's banquet, and with an IT Professor Award in the Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department. Congratulations.

February 2009

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Alison's daughter Madeline is born. Congratulations.

January 2009

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Efie has been awarded a National Science Foundation CAREER award. Congratulations.