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Kokkoli Research GroupDepartment of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (CEMS)

Kamlesh Shroff

Former Post Doctoral Researcher
Year Left Group
left the group in 2015
336 Amundson Hall
Office Phone
Research Description

Targeting cells to adhesion promoting RGD peptides presented on biomimetic interfaces or 3D matrices is becoming increasingly popular for seeking variety of applications in cell-arrays, drug delivery, biocompatible coatings, etc. Success of most of these not only depends on adhesion of cells, but also on how well do the cells proliferate and grow in such surroundings. My research focuses on designing biomimetic surfaces and investigating the fate of cells after adhesion to biomimetic peptides by studying the signaling pathways that lead cells to either successfully adhere and thereby proliferate or induce apoptosis on artificial surfaces.


Ph.D., Microsystems Engineering with Prof. Markus Biesalski at University of Freiburg, Germany, 2007

Current Occupation
Scientist, Novel Laboratories, Inc., USA
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