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Separate Hazard from What is Being Protected

Lastly, separating that which is to be protected (people) from hazards by a barrier is a great strategy in injury prevention. Fatalities from falling overboard can be as high as 29% (Lincoln et al., 2008); by providing life jackets and other float devices, the number of drowning can be reduced. Ensuring that fuel tanks are not placed in areas of high activity and are properly covered and maintained may help reduce injuries due to fires and explosions. Placing protective guards or shields around sharp or dangerous equipment will also prevent additional injuries. Additional research on the true needs and concerns of fishermen may be helpful to find problem areas and determine solutions. By discussing with fishermen, the types of injuries they have experienced, the severity, and how often the injuries have occurred, more precise and accurate data may be collected to help move forward in the solutions. sPic 4.jpg