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White Bear Lake mayor levied with 13 tax leins

White Bear Lake Mayor Paul Auger admitted to media on Thursday to significant tax delinquencies, according to the Pioneer Press.

Ramsey County records show that at one time Auger owed more than $230,000 in taxes to the IRS. Auger stated that although he isn't sure what the current total is, he assured that the amount was far less than the $230,000 figure.

State and Federal tax agencies have levied 13 liens against Auger's assets in an effort to rectify Auger's balance of debt, including Auger automotive.

"Apparently, I do a good job as mayor, because I've been re-elected, and I'm a fine mechanic, but I'm a lousy accountant," Auger said Thursday.

The White Bear Press reported that the issue, though likely resolved by the end of the year, was the result of Auger failing to pay the $35,000 capital gains tax from the sale of his grandparent's home.

Auger, who has been White Bear Lake's mayor since 1996, said that although he made some poor decisions, it will not affect his ability to lead as mayor.

Although, “It’s definitely added a few gray hairs,? he said.