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Bosnian man ordered extradited for murder

Zdravko Veletic, 56, a retired Lino Lakes construction worker, has been detained by U.S. authorities and will be extradited to Bosnia regarding a 16-year-old murder, according to the Star Tribune.

Veltic was captured at his home on Partridge Place on Oct. 31st., shocking the neighbors who knew him best.

"He's been nothing but kind," said the neighbor, who has lived next to Veletic for five years, according to the Pioneer Press.

Veltic, who appeared before U.S. magistrates, is wanted for a murder he committed 16 years ago. Veltic was involved in an altercation in June 1992 with a local, Veltic pulled a pistol and fatally shot the man after he had cursed his mother.

According to the Star Tribune, Veltic soon fled after the incident and was later convicted absentia in 1997.

In 2001, after settling in Minnesota, Veltic and his wife purchased their home in Lino Lakes. Veltic, who recently retired from construction due to a back injury, also had suffered the loss of his wife just last year to cancer.

Bosnia issued a warrant for Veltic's arrest in 2004. When the government discovered his residence in Minneosta, Bosnia officials requested Veltic's extradition.