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Mexican President names new Interior Minister

Mexican President Felipe Calderon appointed a new Interior Minister on Monday, just one week after former Interior Minister Juan Camilo MouriƱo was killed in an unexplained plane crash, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Fernando Francisco Gomez Mont, a lawyer and former lawmaker, was sworn into the second-highest post in the Mexican government, where he is said to focus on strengthening laws to prevent drug money from entering next year's
parliamentary elections.

Mont is a member of Calderon's National Action Party, and has been an integral part of reforming Mexico's electoral laws and judicial systems.

According to the New York Times, the appointment has been received well by Calderon loyalists, but critics have cited Mont's inexperience and wonder if he is prepared to assist in the countries leadership.

Mont spoke to the media after his appointment and stated his intent to work with both sides, politically, for the betterment of Mexico.

Mont also addressed his defense of a number of controversial clients while he worked as a defense lawyer, stating that he acted professionally without the use of unacceptable tactics.