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Wild dogs kill gazzelles at Jackson Zoo

According to the Clarion Ledger, officials from the Jackson Zoo in Jackson, Miss. reported that two dama gazelles were killed by feral dogs late Tuesday night.

The juvenile gazelles, at the time of the incident, were in a quarantine pen having just been received, ten days earlier, from the Memphis Zoo in exchange for an adult gazelle.

However, the pen was inadequate in keeping the wild dogs from the enclosure, which, according to Chris Mims, Jackson Zoo's director of marketing, is by design. The quarantine is only to keep the animals in, not to keep other animals out, Mims added.

According to WAPT 16 in Jackson, Zoo officials located a dog on Wednesday in an undeveloped area of the zoo. The dog, a labrador-mix, is believed to be one of the animals involved in the attack.

The Jackson Zoo has reported five incidents over the past 30 days involving wild dogs. As officials remain puzzled as to how the animals were able to enter the zoo unnoticed.

Animal control has been contacted, as the zoo looks to resolve the recurring issue, as it has become a legitimate problem for staff and the animals that reside within the zoo's various enclosures.