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Ethics code may be instated after New Brighton Prostitution sting

New Brighton City Council Member David Phillips, 59, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor solicitation charges late last month, may be inspiring a new ethics policy for city officials, according to the Star Tribune.

New Brighton Mayor Steve Larson has placed the installation of an ethic policy as a top priority for 2009.

Public outcry aided in the decision, after Phillips, who was elected to city council last year, was arrested in a prostitution sting last winter and plead guilty. Phillips was given one year of probation and fined $858 dollars for his actions.

In spite of the public's disapproval, Phillips has given no indication that he will resign.

"As city residents, you want your leaders to be people of character and moral value," said Pat Montague, a 15-year New Brighton resident who was having lunch Monday at the Bru House, a coffee shop on Silver Lake Road. "I think these decisions have shown him to be neither of those."

City policy states that although Phillips actions were illegal there is no grounds for his removal and Larson not push for a Phillips resignation as a result.