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Two planes collide in Florida, four killed

According to USA Today, two small planes collided outside of Fort Lauderdale over the Florida Everglades over the weekend, as searches began early Sunday as four passengers are presumed dead.

The Denver Post identified one possible victim as Brian Sax, 37, a Colorado businessman from Basalt, Co., who, according to family, was one of the pilots for one of the ill-fated planes.

Both aircraft, which took off at similar times, were both carrying two passengers aboard, each had one pilot instructing another student during flight training programs that both pilots were involved in.

According to the Broward County Sheriff's department, the pilots were operating under Visual Flight Rules, which insist that the pilots maintain distance from aircraft and operate without any air-traffic assistance.

Sax also has a flight school back in Colorado. Aspen Aero Flight school, which Sax opened along with his wife, Christy, who also operates a local resteraunt.